February 6, 2013

the abduction of fun...

So one night, not so long ago, I sat awake in bed and asked myself where the fun went.  Where did it go?  I lost it, like a while ago.   There are several things I'm tempted to blame (motherhood, laundry, adulthood, expanding waistlines that need attention, laundry, dinners that need to be cooked, noses that get wiped on sleeves instead of tissues resulting in more laundry, living too far from the ocean, living too far from my blissed out hippie friends, and my hipster friends, and my cheesy coffee house working friends,come to think of it, living where there are absolutely no blissed out hippies to speak of, oh, and laundry) but that would be too easy.  Right?  People do laundry in conservative states and have fun all the time, right?  Maybe?  And it's not like I'm totally devoid of the ability to have fun.  I plan fun for other people to have. And I'm pretty sure I used to have more than my fair share of it.  But somewhere along the line, between trying to fool the kids into thinking I was a responsible adult and trying to find my inner peace, or my zen, or my third eye, or whatever it is I've been trying to track down with my meditation  books and yoga pants and chamomile tea by candle light, I dropped my fun and forgot to pick it up.  Ooops!  And let's face it.  What's the point of being all introspective and responsible if you're not also having a blast.  Ya know?  I mean, look at my buddy Buddha up there.  He looks like he's having fun despite his enlightenment.  Am I right?

Anyway, there I was, sitting and moping about the lack of fun in my life and I said, "No more!  I'm going to have me some fun, dang it!  I'm going to have fun if it kills me!  And if it does kill me, at least my kids will know that mom had fun on her way out!"  First order of business?  Call Joe and inform him that we're eating at Aggie Ice Cream for dinner.  Yes dinner.  And he dutifully met us there and announced to the scoop girls that yes, we were a family of 5 choosing to eat ice cream for dinner.  And ya know what?  That was fun. It was a worthy vegan lapse, because I was feeling the need to do something reckless.  And for me, ice cream is reckless.  Yes...I promise...I do know how to have fun.  Baby steps, people.  Baby steps.  

And that started it.  That was the beginning of the end.  The beginning of fun and the end of responsible.  Okay...maybe not the end of responsible, but the end of letting responsible replace fun.  And maybe the beginning of a little bit irresponsible.  

Irresponsible like driving out in the middle of nowhere to go to a hot springs, driving all the way back home for dinner (a 45 minute drive) and then saying forget bedtime!  Let's go back tonight and swim in the dark, in the misty, murky pools surrounded by snow and filled with loud frat boys trying to impress young women whose boyfriends are off on their mission.  What?  You don't want to go?  What if I bought you ice cream?  Okay, that was Joe.  Haven said no thanks to going back, but the rest of us wanted to be all irresponsible together, so Joe bribed him with ice cream and he was on board.   So that meant bed time at what?  Like 9:30?  Gasp!

And between ice cream for dinner and a steamy, snowy night at the hot springs, there's been way more dancing and singing (which has given Hannah Jane an opportunity to perfect her eye rolling), wii marathons, more art, more snowmen, snowball fights, and movie nights.  More finding polite ways to say what I really think rather than bowing to what it's clear people want me to agree with.  More dressing myself, feeling myself, and laughing so hard it hurt.  So hard that I woke the kids a few times.  So hard once that Hannah Jane came in to check on me in the middle of the night and scared me so much I screamed like a wild woman.  Because who ever opens my bedroom door at 11 at night?  Laughter is good.  I'm going to get a laughter 6 pack if I can keep this up.  

Okay, so maybe I didn't just lose fun.  Maybe I lost myself a little bit with all that enforcing bed time junk and   teaching about Lincoln's presidential campaign.  I'm pretty sure I can do both; be mature enough for the kids to be properly guided and the house to be properly clean, but still laugh myself into the floor at completely inappropriate times.  That sounds doable.  So I'm starting with fun.  I'm going to clean house AND have fun.

So far, here's what I have planned:

~hurl myself down a steep hill on a rickety plastic kid's snowboard and see how things go.
~Have a girl's day with some friends.  Like out of town with friends.  Doesn't that sound nice?  I've never done that before.
~sleep on the trampoline (I'm saving this one until the snow melts)
~Actually allow my friend Gail to watch the kids so that Joe and I can go on a real date.  And by date, I don't mean to one of Joe's work functions, to a neighborhood dinner with people I barely know, or to anywhere that requires heels.  A date as in just us, maybe with food, maybe with holy jeans and flip flops, maybe looking at each other and remembering how much fun we used to be   are.
~take bread to the pond and feed the ducks.  Joe and I used to spend so much time feeding ducks that it was ridiculous.  And the way sometimes they all start quacking at once like one of them told a hilarious joke...that sound makes me so happy!
~Go to the local comedy night.
~take Hannah Jane horse back riding on the beach in Oregon
~climb all the way to the very top of the mountain behind our house.  It bugs me that I look at it every day and have never conquered it.  This year, that mountain is mine!

Okay, so that's just my short, still getting the ball rolling list.  I need more.  I need some help from moms who never lost their fun to think of more fun stuff.  Got it?  Hit my inbox with some fun stuff!  Go.


  1. Love it! May the force be with you? I can't wait to see the pictures you take at the top of that mountain. :)

  2. Yay!!!! To quote an LDS scripture, "Men are that they might have joy." (Men being mankind in this sense.) So why are so many of us so boring?!? If you want some inspiration, here are the photos from when Chayce said, "No more! I want to sit at the top of that mountain!" http://jilsyt.blogspot.com/2012/06/date-night-with-chayce.html

  3. :) Thanks, guys! And Chayse is now my mountain climbing mentor!


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