February 18, 2013

Yumalicious Spinach Tart with a Bonus!

It's been Love Week, so I've been a little absent.  What's Love Week?  Well, Joe and I had our first real date 2 days before Valentines Day, and so at some point he suggested we have Love Week instead.  This would allow us to be that obnoxious couple who celebrates an array of anniversaries (except that we've been known to both forget our actual anniversary, so don't hate us!) and - and this is the true beauty of Love Week - take the pressure off of the one day.  This way, if Valentines falls on a difficult day to go all out, it doesn't matter because we have a whole week of small things instead of one high pressure day.  Anyway, this wasn't supposed to be a post on Love Week.  Oops.  Anyway, that's where I've been...being all in love and stuff.

Moving on... a while back I tried this awesome recipe and I wanted to make sure I shared it before it slipped my mind.  My dear friend Steff gave me a gift card for one of those kitchen stores that you never really need anything from, but that are really fun to mill around in and dream up the cool things that you could make if you weren't culinarily challenged.  Anyway, I bought a precious wooden carved set of salad utensils with sweet birds on them because our lack of such utensils regularly drives our dinner guests crazy, and with the leftover amount, I grabbed a tart pan.  I've always wanted a tart pan, but it seemed so frivolous and I imagined them to be spendy, with their completely narrow use and all.  But a tart pan was surprisingly cheap.

WP_000122 Now with a tart pan, I needed a good tart recipe, right?  And this was it.  Anja's Food 4 Thought's spinach tart with sesame oat crust was just the ticket.  It was surprisingly good.  Actually, let me just tell you that Joe walked in the door and saw something entirely green, heard the word tart, and decided immediately that this was going to be dainty chick food and proceeded to make himself a cheese quesadilla as a sort of manly side item before he even tried it.  When he finally bit into it, he was wowed.  He stood by his choice to make extra food with some story about missing lunch and being so hungry that maybe even a steak wouldn't have satisfied him, but I think we all know what was really going on.

Anyway, I left out the asparagus because it wasn't a good price that week, and there happened to be some sort of spinach recall or shortage or rebellion, so I ended up using some baby mixed green bag in the filling.  It has baby bok choy (how do you even spell that?), baby spinach, baby kale, and some other cute baby leafy things.  Anyway, it was amazing!  And I had more filling than my tart could support, but when I gave it a little taste, I realized that even unbaked, it was delicious and I suspected that it would make a yummy spread.  I was right!


For lunches later that week, I slathered it on a flat bread and topped it with sprouts and tomatoes and it was divine!  It felt like I was eating a painstakingly prepared, gourmet wrap and it only took a couple of minutes to throw together.  So surprise!  Play your cards right and it tart filling makes a mighty sandwich spread.

So pop over and check out the recipe.  It's fast (if you ignore the really long bake time) and easy and you get the little bonus of a divine cold spread for lunches.  You'll love it!

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