March 17, 2013

A Sunday Drive

In addition to our usual St. Patrick's day antics, which I will post about tomorrow, Joe decided to let the kids take us for a Sunday drive in the pasture.  Kid driving practice is one of the most fun things about having a bit of acreage.  An entirely fence field complete with some small bridges over a little canal and a few goats for scaring out of their fur makes for some super fun driving practice.  The idea of letting a kid drive around the neighborhood on a 4 wheeler, which is standard in our neck of the woods, scares the pants off of me and isn't permitted.  But driving the real truck from the safety of your dad's lap seems just perfect.


Today, everyone learned how to change from reverse to drive, and back again, and they lined things up to drive over the bridges.  Joe worked the breaks and gas, but every now and then, when they were no where near the bridges or a goat, he's hit the gas nice and hard and everyone giggled with delight.     


While we were out there, Joe told Haven to "loosen up on the wheel and let it straighten out a bit."  Haven let go and the wheel spun free through his hands.  He looked stunned.  "It doesn't do that in video games!" he said.  Ha!  I never liked driving games or go karts and when it came time to drive, I hated every second of it.   I always assumed that my friends who were good at driving video games were probably more natural drivers as a result.  So when they kids stunk it up at driving games, I thought they might have my same anti-driving gene.  But when Haven said that, I realized that nothing really teaches driving skills like driving.   


I had to come in and recline for a spell when we were done.  I thought riding in the backseat on long trips was the recipe for car sickness, but it's actually filming from the passenger seat while the under 10 set steer through a bumpy field.  Bleck!  But, oh, what fun!  Once my head stopped spinning, I made this little video for your entertainment.

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