March 9, 2013

Bathroom Renovation Begins!

So, I didn't want to break with tradition and actually remember to take a proper before picture.  That would make too much sense.  But today we demolished the old bathroom and got ready to put in the new one!  Whoo-Hoo!  I should rephrase that.  Joe and our handy man and friend, Mike, demolished the bathroom while I went to various hardware stores and got everything on their list.

Let me just stop right there share the most hilarious moment of my day:  I had already prepared for being a girl in a hardware store with a list of things I couldn't even identify.  I dressed all tough and put on my game face.  So I go in and I've got the list, which calls for 10 sheets of cement tile board.  I find it and get it all loaded on my lumber cart and I'm feeling proud.  So far so good.  At this point I'm thinking that I've got everyone fooled into thinking that I know what I'm doing   Then I go to push the cart to get the rest of the things on the list and my feet just run in place like a cartoon character, slipping out from under me with the cart going nowhere.  Ha!  I was even wearing my running shoes with good tread.  The cart just weighed so much more than I do that I couldn't budge it.  I had to anchor my foot against a shelf to get it started and then I could push slowly it if I walked leaning way forward, like a woman walking into a hurricane and trying not to blow away.  I felt like such a girl.

Anyway, demolition went swimmingly with just a few hitches.  The floor under the tile was rotted out in one spot and there was mold behind some of the shower tile.  We suspected that, though, because there's been an impossible to eliminate smell from time to time.  Now we know why!  I'll be glad not to deal with that anymore.  And it turns out that our old tub was a cast iron tub, so it was crazy heavy and a bit tricky to get down the stairs and out of the house.  I have trouble draining food from our cast iron skillet!  I didn't even know there were cast iron tubs and let me tell you, that's a bit harder to move around than the skillet!


This is my sort of before picture.  Last night I removed all of the drawers from the vanity and piled them in my bedroom floor so I could still find my stuff and keep it a little organized until we get the new stuff in.  Since our handy man can only com eon the weekends, I think we're going to be a month or more before we get to move back in.  Anyway, that's pretty much the before, minus the drawers and shower curtain, and with a test patch of new paint on the wall.


They got the vanity, the shower tiles, and the floor our before I got back from Lowe's.


Next was the crazy heavy tub.  I could have loaded the new tub into the truck by myself and this one took 3 of us to get out of the house and my back is killing me!  Although, that may have something to do with the lumber cart incident.


And this is the view of our front yard right now.  See that toilet on the right?  Yeah, that's where Joe ate his lunch today.  I could have died with laughter to walk outside and find my husband sitting on a toilet in the front yard, eating a sub sandwich.  Ha!  I can only imagine what the neighbors thought.

So that's it for today!  I'm getting excited to see things move along.  In a month, I'll have a new, cleanable and relaxing bathroom!  Can't wait!


  1. Wow!!! Great demo work!! Can't wait to see the finished product. ~K

  2. Yeah, Sorry I didn't call back. I had to go on a mission to find a dolly. Call ya today!

  3. Ah! The feeling of being in the eye of the storm! Isn't it great? Hahaha. All jokes aside, just wondering, are you guys going to tile and if so what colors were you thinking?

    -Long Island Shower Doors

  4. Yeah, we're tiling a rough brown on the floor and in the shower, and then a white, pumice looking stone tile behind the vanity, up to the ceiling.

  5. I’m still learning from you, but I’m trying to achieve my goals. I certainly love reading everything that is posted on your website.Keep the stories coming. I liked it!


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