March 11, 2013

Free Time Stars Printables!

Good morning, friends!  A while back, I made these posters and worksheets to help my kiddos get comfy cozy with telling time to the hour, half hour, and quarter hour, and today I decided to add them to Teachers Pay Teachers as a free download.  I'm excited to share these because they've been really helpful in getting my little ones on track for telling time with ease.

timestar clip

Adding the star to the top of the clock face makes the essential intervals more memorable for kiddos, causing the 12, 3, 6, and 9 to pop right off the clock face.  Even when we're looking at a standard clock face, they now think of where the star points would be an quickly identify quarter 'til and after with ease.  Plus, it's just plain more fun to say, "I'm a Time Star!" than it is to say, "Yeah, I can tell time."  At the end of the packet, there's even a printable Time Star certificate to make them feel super special.

So pop over and get your free download of my Time Stars kit.  If you want notifications of when I add new lessons, please follow me on TPT.  And if you love the Time Stars Kit, please rate it and leave feedback!

Soon I'll be adding my formula writing lesson kit for older kiddos and a Mad Science Party Pack for budding scientists of all ages to my TPT page.  Stay tuned!

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