March 19, 2013

Leprechauns and Tooth Fairies

I'm a little late with the St. Patty's Day recap, but life gets a little too busy for blogging sometimes.  All the better when it does, right?  The green and rainbow news is coming, but first we interrupt for this brief announcement.


Last night, as Haven ate dinner he said, "These two teeth bang together when I chew."  Joe said, "Do you have a loose tooth?"  He said, "Let me check.  Yeah, it's loose!  Wait!  It's out!"  And there you have it, folks.  The least traumatic tooth loss ever to grace the Christison household.  He didn't even realize it was loose until it was ready to fall right out of his face.  Ta-da!  He looked a strange combination of thrilled and horrified, doing that half laugh, half cry thing that he sometimes does when he's feeling overwhelmed with vague emotion.

So the tooth fairy begrudgingly went out to get a tooth gift late last night.  Since she'd been fasting all day, she wanted to stay home and eat masses of food with her fairy husband, but she had an important job to do and she did it.  Around 10:30, when her head had been peacefully resting on her fairy pillow for quite some time, her fairy husband shot out of bed yelling, "The tooth fairy gift!"  and wandered out of the bedroom, presumably letting her off the hook for the present placement and tooth retrieval since she had, after all, gone out to get the gift instead of eating pizza.  But this morning, her fairy husband nudged her way early and said, "Hey!  Don't you always leave letters with your gifts, Tooth Fairy?"  And the tooth fairy may have said a semi-strong word like crap and then rolled out of her lovely little fairy bed to craft a perfect little letter for Haven's first lost tooth long, long, long before the sun ever came up.  She needed a human sized cup of coffee after that!

And that was the end of an era.  The last first tooth ever to be lost in the Christison household fell out without much fuss, and a mom and dad went to bed a little sad over the last round of this mile stone.

But back to St. Patty's Day!

I don't know about you, but I struggle with making fun holiday food that embraces the theme of the day without being all junk all the time.  Okay, maybe the word struggle should be reserved for more serious things, but you know what I mean. When you dig around on-line for ideas for fun holiday food, it's never healthy but it looks so fun!  This year, for this particular  holiday, I think I made significant improvements over last year's kid fare. 


For breakfast we had green, semi-shamrock shaped pancakes with liquid gold syrup.  


For lunch I served garlic cheese bread with spinach shamrocks and treasure pie for dessert.  I was originally calling dessert green rainbow pie, which was just key lime yogurt in a little mini-pie crust with cut up fruit in it.  But we called it treasure pie because Hannah Jane identified the cherries as rubies, the green grapes as emeralds, and the peaches and canary diamonds.  For afternoon snack, we went ahead and junked it up with a cone of generic brand Trixx cereal. 


For dinner it was pot-o-gold potatoes (cheesey scalloped potatoes) and shamrock seeds (sweet peas) and our annual half-sized can of root beer.  It's the one day a year when the kids are allowed to have soda of any sort.  A few days back, Joe actually said, "Hey, did you get that root beer in the St. Patrick's Day themed cans again this year?"  I told him no, that I got the same kind I always get.  "But it always has a little shamrock and green label!  I know it does."  Haha!  I told him that I print out the labels and add them to make it special.  Every year.  He smiled.  "Oh.  Well, good job making it special!  I thought it came that way."


And for dessert at dinner, we made our annual rainbow cupcakes.  This is a big deal every year.  I divide the cupcake batter between 4 oven bags and each kid (and this year a dad) picks a color to add to their bag.  They squish the color into the batter and then take turns squeezing their batter into each cupcake cup.

SAM_3576They are dazzlingly gorgeous when you slice them in half (or take a big bite).  Usually we end up with cupcakes for days, but study circle met at our house later that evening and we grown-up, fasting folks broke fast together, so those cupcakes got gobbled up.  

That is Hannah Jane's most serious leprechaun face.  
As for activities, we made hats, eyebrows and beards to wear (for a whole 10 minutes).  I found the printouts here.  It was good to see how far the boys' cutting skills have come.  Last year, that much cutting on the lines - curvy lines no less - would have resulted in major mental breakdowns.  This year, it was tricky, but if they held their tongues just right, they could do it.  Whoo-hoo! They also cut out rainbow pinwheels, but we didn't have what we needed to finish them off and make them all spinny.

And there you have it!  Tooth loss and leprechaun fun!  Somehow these low-pressure, not really even our own holiday holidays always end up being the most fun.  

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