March 8, 2013

Science Fair!

Yesterday the kids participated in the 2013 science fair for the local homeschool community.  There were about 30 kids who participated and many more who came by just to check it out.  They did so great!  Hannah Jane, if you recall, presented on a global warming related project where she tested whether acidity and temperature affected how 2 bodies of water interact.  Hunter took the age old celery in dye project and added his own twist, testing to see whether or not cutting the stalks vertically would cause them to suck up more or less dye.

I was so proud!  They both did a fantastic job, spoke with judges, and knew their stuff!  In fact, the shock of the day was a judge coming up after the fair and calling Hunter, "One of the most articulate kids."  I remember last year, being floored that he actually spoke to the judge at all.  This year, he looked them in the eye and talked their heads off.  I call that success!

Hannah Jane's comical video was set up in front of her board to entertain her visitors.  Lots of kids took turns with the head phones to check it out after she gave them her spiel.  She was in her element.

And Haven, after doing all of his research and collecting data from about 25 volunteers, decided that it was too much stress and opted not to present.  Instead, he read Oliver Twist after viewing his favorite 2 displays for about an hour each.  He was sooooooo patient.   

It was another great science fair and the kid are already talking about what they might do next year!  

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