March 13, 2013

The Simple Chef

I feel like it was a brilliant idea to have Hannah Jane work on her simple meals badge for Girl Scouts while I'm fasting.  She is cooking lunch and dinner for the boys, following the guidelines for the badge, and I am not stuck making pleasant smelling meals that I can't eat.  How perfect is that?  Two birds with one stone, my friend.  Two birds.


She did, however, make me climb high upon a bar stool to dig out her kid friendly cookbook that had been banished to the upper shelf.  Hannah Jane spotted the pink and white polka dotted spine of her little girlie cookbook and demanded it be retrieved if she's to cook all the meals for the day.  But whatever.  I get to spend lunch blogging instead of cooking.  Good deal!

Haven is her apprentice chef.  He's always happy to have an excuse to sport the car themed apron that his Aunt Stacy sent him for Christmas, but mostly he sits on the bar stool and sings random lines from Les Miserables to Hannah Jane while she cooks the food.  It's cute, if not at all helpful.

So there you have it, my friend!  When life throws you lemons, open up the girl scout handbook and find yourself a way out.  

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