April 19, 2013

Earth Day Style

Hannah Jane needed to make a recycled gift for her Girl Scout troop meeting tonight.  They're calling it a "B-Earth Day" party and exchanging gifts.  In the past, the handmade gifts she's come home with have been nothing short of spectacular, so we stressed a little over finding something to make that could be made by a kid, but not look like it was made by a kid. What we came up with was so cute that I'm thinking maybe we need to make one to keep.

Hannah Jane said, "Mom, all the girls in my troop are stylish.  It has to be stylish."  She came up with the idea of taking a paper grocery bag and a head band and making something cool, but her prototype left something to be desired.  But with a few tips, her gift became something pretty stinking cute!


She cut out ovals from the paper bag to be flower petals.  She cut out a variety of sizes and made sure at least a few of them were from the words about recycling.  


Then we rolled the petals around a pencil to give them a little bit of shape.  What I didn't like about her prototype was that it sat flat and any differences in the size of the petals really stuck out like a sore thumb.  But with the curvature of the rolled petals, the flower sprung to life and the rough edges looks intentional rather than like mistakes.  Hannah Jane said, "Mom, where did you learn to do that?"  Haha!  "I just now made it up, babe.  You can do that, you know?  Just make stuff up as you go?"  When kids are impressed that you think of totally average stuff, doesn't it just make you feel like a rock star?


Then she glued all of the petals to a folded up and sturdy square of paper bag.  It was starting to look great! All that was left to do was to add a cool center.  For that we cut a circle out of the cuff of a sock that lost it's mate years ago and has since been used as a dust rag.  Don't worry.  It was fresh from the wash.  But the speckled grain of it looked so pretty.  Hannah Jane said, "I hope no one asks what the center is from.  No one would want to wear it if they knew it was from a sock turned into a dust rag!"  Probably true.  Best to focus on the paper bag part of the headband and not the old sock part.  But really, is a freshly laundered sock any different from a sweater?


And there's the finished project.  I think it's pretty darling, actually.  Might have to make one to keep!  What other stylish accessories could we make for Earth Day?

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