April 20, 2013

Haven's Piano Recital


Haven has been in piano lessons for about 5 months now, and today was his very first recital.

All week, he practiced his performance songs with his hat on because he wanted to add a little extra showmanship to his performance and bow with his hat at the end.  It was hilarious!  When he got there early to practice on the big piano, he stopped speaking or smiling to anyone.  He looked crazy nervous.  His piano teacher said that if he was too shy to introduce himself, it would be okay because his name is in the program.  I have never seen him so frozen up, so I assumed it would be a rough performance.  But when show time came, it was like he had never been nervous at all.  He introduced himself louder than most of the other, older kids, and he played his songs with no problem.  Then, the moment he'd been planning for weeks, he took his bow with this hat!  Haha!  He cracks me up.  I know he's mine, but I think he was the most adorable of the performers.

I must say, though, that the kids in that recital were so amazing!  Haven's teacher does piano and her husband teaches drums and guitar and there were so many super talented kids and even a few family bands with a kid on each of the three instruments.  I thought I only cried at my own choir shows - you know, the ones I've invested tons of time in - but apparently I cry whenever kids make music because at the end of almost every single piece, I was fighting back tears.  Seriously.  Weezer?  Yeah.  Teared up.  Guns N Roses?  Cried again.  Music + Kids = Skyla tears.  It's just such a beautiful thing.  Ya know?

Anyway, I was totally proud!  Haven rocked it and did it with such confidence.  I can only imagine what kind of performer he'll be when he gets older if he has this much showmanship now.  

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