May 15, 2013

Jr. Olympics

Hannah Jane competed in the Jr. Olympics with her gym on Saturday and it was adorable.  She's our last remaining gymnast, even though Hunter loved gymnastics, because the gym we were going to only had a boys program for the first 2 levels and Hunter leveled out of their services.  When we tried the only gym in town that has a boys program all the way through the levels, their shortest practice time was a 2 hour long stretch at a time and Hunter just burned through his attention span after about an hour.  It's really too bad, too, because he was quite the little gymnast!

Anyway, Hannah Jane's gym had an intra-gym competition to raise some funds and Hannah Jane competed with the level 2 girls in all four events.  She was really nervous to go, but once things began, she did her thing.

At the end, when they passed out the envelopes with ribbons in them, most of the kids played it cool, just took the envelope and looked like maybe they'd never even open it, because, you know.  They're that confident.  Hannah Jane, on the other hand, immediately pulled her ribbons out, read the notes on the back of each one, beamed from ear to ear, and held them up for any interested onlookers to marvel at.  No playing it cool for this kid! She got 2 blue ribbons and 2 red ribbons.  She said, "Blue means you were like, perfect.  Red means you were fine.  And white is like the lowest of the low, Mom.  Like, awful!"  I laughed.  "Who told you that?"  I asked.  "My coach.  Those were like her exact words.  She said, 'White is the lowest of the low.'"  Her usual coach got married and quit, and her sub for the last 2 weeks has been their top competing high school girl at the gym.  I guess before you actually have kids, you don't realize that you give everything a positive spin so that no one feels crushed.  I couldn't help but laugh my head off at the idea of a coach telling a 9 year old that she could possibly get the lowest of the low.

And now...the moment you've all been waiting for...a video montage.  Marvel of the level 2 gymnasts, performing one time only in her favorite shiny purple leo, it's Hannah Jane!!!!

Things I learned about my dear Hannah Jane?  1.  She may act nervous beforehand, but when the time comes, that girl gets it done.  2.  When she forgets what's next, she pushes her hair behind her ears to buy herself some time to remember.  LOL!  And 3.  Dollar store medals make her very, very happy.  

It was a great day and it was nice to see what she's been learning!  That was her final day as a level 2.  Now she's up in level 3 where there are back handsprings and walk overs and older girls who don't wear shorts over their leos but wear bras under them.  Teammates with boobs!  That's right, folks!  She's made it to the big time!  Haha!

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