May 21, 2013

Tuesday Teaching Tidbit: Historical Altered Altoids Tins

I'm so excited about this fun idea!  And, as you'll see, while I was making the video, I had a light bulb moment and thought of a way to make this even cooler!  Enjoy!

Seriously, these things rock!  I have so many ideas for different tins to make, but I'm going to try and stick with the history theme here.  Okay, Skyla.  Focus!

As promised, here are some close ups of my tin and the kids' tins.


This is all of them lined up to be sprayed in the garage.  Haven lost his factoids, so we've got to add those in later, Hannah Jane didn't add a no-man's land.  They're all a wee bit different and lovely.


The details.  These are the things that the kids asked to have printed out or to make that best set the scene for WW1.  

So, I mentioned in the video that they stink, and then I forgot to tell you why.  LOL!  I mentioned that I spray painted the tins as a base, and spray paint has its own lovely aroma.  But then, once they were all finished, I coated them in aerosol Modge Podge.  I know, right?  Spray-on Modge Podge?  It's like I died and went to heaven!  It's not cheap stuff ($6/can) but it lasts forever and I think it's totally worth it.  We bought it back around Christmas to put a clear coat on the oven bake clay ornaments that the kids made for holiday gifts (that's also what the gold spray paint is left over from) and we've used it to coat other things, like  my little holiday gnomes that I was hooked on making for a while.  My point is just that this stuff lasts and lasts and you'll get your 6 bucks worth out of it if you do even minimal crafting. spray on Modge Podge was the stink...moving on.  

 So this was the tin that got me thinking in terms of history.  Isn't it so cute and vintage?  

And then, mid video, I though, I could make the coolest timeline EVER with these!!!!  

Think something like this, but with dates on the edge.  I totally did this in my junk drawer, by the way, and it's fantastic!  Seriously, my life is about to revolve around Altoids tins.  I think What can't you do with an Altoids tin?

So there ya have it!  Altered Altoids Tins for history studies.  I'm so proud of my little brain for thinking this up.  I have visions of the most epic timeline ever and in a few months we're starting back at the beginning of time, so we'll be able to complete a full set over the course of the next 4 years.  Stoked!

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