June 20, 2013

Haven's Big 6 Shark Party


Mr. Haven turned 6 yesterday and we had a lovely little party at the splash pad. It started out a little (okay, a lot) windy and all of our decorations were blowing away, the foil flew off the cake and across the street into a retirement center parking lot, the toppings flew off the cake, the crafts that I brought for the kids to do flew all over the lawn.  It was insane and I almost cried a little. LOL!  All of that hard work blowing away before any guests arrived was too much!  Check out all the tape on that sign up there.  It still flew away!

And then, my camera stopped working.  I thought, No big deal.  I'll use my phone.  but then my phone battery was almost dead, so I used the last of the battery to call my friend Rachel and ask if I could borrow her camera for the evening.  Thank goodness for good friends!  And their smarty pants husbands.  While at the party, Rachel's husband fixed my camera.  How awesome is that?

So, after taping down the table settings with an entire roll of packaging tape, calling for camera backup, and trying to pretend like the wind wasn't ruining my day, guests arrived and all was well.


Haven loved his little cake.  A beach made of crunched up frosted flakes, candy rocks and sharks, and his brother's toy diver made for a fun bit of dessert.  I made a mistake though.  I only put 5 gummy sharks on the cake and every guest wanted a piece with a shark.  After talking a few into beach rocks instead of shark, and then trying to convince others to split sharks, the poor cake looked mangled for all my trying to get the kids the exact piece that they wanted.  "Half beach, half water, with at least 2 beach rocks," and "shark, but with a little beach too."  There was to be no slicing this cake into neat little rectangular pieces and handing them out.  Nope.  It was like doing surgery!


I made this shark cutout for pictures and for a "chum the shark" game.  It only didn't blow away because it spent the hour before the party wedged in between 2 beach chairs.  Near the end of the party, the kids threw bean bags through its mouth to get their party favor.

Haven had really wanted a shark pinata, but there were none in stores around here and while my friend had told me how to make one, it's out crazy week and making a pinata just didn't fit into the agenda.  So, I came up with a fun little idea of a sort of personal pinata.  I filled small balloons with the pinata filler, blew them only half way up, and then decorated them like sharks.


Once the kids played the game, they got to go get a shark from the shark tank and pop it to get their pinata prizes.  I didn't realize this ahead of time, but Joe was like, "It's like when they cut open sharks and find all sorts of weird things inside.  Is that what you were going for?"  Uh...no.  But hey!  It made it more authentic!


Haven really, really loved his little sharky from the shark tank.

After all the festivities, the kids ran off and played while the moms weighted the pros and cons of technology in the classroom and other such mom topics, and the dads talked about who knows what (I'm not in that club, so, ya know).

So, despite a few flying slices of pizza and paper plates, and even thought we had to speed-sing happy birthday to get it all out before the wind blew the candle out, we had a great evening with good friends and a very happy little 6 year old fella!  It was a great way to kick off another great year of Haven!


  1. I love your shark cutout for pictures!--super cute. The cake and shark piñata balloons are adorable. You have such fun and creative ideas.

    1. Thanks! I just checked out your blog and boy, oh boy! You're going to have some super huge birthday bashes on your hands! LOL!


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