June 27, 2013

Mad Science Party Kit!!!

Mad science party kit school or home

I am so excited to finally have compiled all of my files and resources for the first of my Mad Science Parties into a downloadable kit!  This is our favorite event each year, and I've gotten lots of inquiries into how to pull it off, so I've created a Mad Science Party planning kit that comes complete with materials lists, printable signs and invitations, background information, practice scripts and resources for beefing up your own topical knowledge before the big day, and all sorts of little tips for planning the details of the party, from the guest list to the music and snacks.  It's all in there.

This first Mad Science Party includes a lesson on non-Newtonian Fluids called the Slime Pit, the Particle Motion Participlay in which students act out the different states of matter from a particle's perspective, the Expanding Horizons investigation of chemical changes, and the Electric Pickle.  I have included scripts for teaching different age groups and worksheets for middle and high school students so that they can take the activities a step deeper.

You can get your Mad Science Party Kit #1 over at my Teachers Pay Teachers storefront.  While you're there, grab my fun Time Stars packet for free!  And if you love what you get, please don't forget to post a review!

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