June 19, 2013

New Bathroom Photos!

I'm so excited that our new bathroom is finally all but done!  In typical Skyla style, I forgot to take decent before pictures, but just trust me.  It was rough.  Maybe you remember the almost before pictures?  We bought the house knowing that we'd have to eventually remodel the kitchen and the bathroom, and now both are finally done and I feel like I live in a big kid house now.  A room that looks icky even when you've spent an hour cleaning it starts to become a room you don't even bother cleaning because the reward isn't there.  Now, with my shiny happy bathroom, I just want to keep it all polished and lovely at all times.  The reward is back!


We ripped out every single little thing, including a fair amount of drywall, we mudded the walls, added a double sink, new shower with travertine nooks, travertine all the way up the wall behind the vanity, new floor tile, new toilet and tub, we finally vented the bathroom with a fan and duct work through the crawl space to the great outdoors (oh, the joys of having bathroom ventilation after all these years!) and all new lighting and fixtures.  It's like a completely different bathroom.  I love the smaller vanity.  It's like our bathroom doubled in size!

The only thing we wanted to do and didn't was a glass shower door.  Most of my friends who have them said that with our hard water, they hated cleaning them constantly and them never looking nice.  Since we don't have a guest bath, I didn't want something that was going to look yucky all the time.  But my friend, Steff, is going to use Rain-X on her shower doors and let me know if it works and then maybe we'll reevaluate that upgrade in a couple of years when our budget has recovered from our remodeling spree.


I'm kind of in love.  I leave the bedroom door open to the bathroom all day and just peek and and behold its glory.  Honestly, the old bathroom with it's permanently gross sinks and falling apart, 8 times painted vanity made me a little sad.  This bathroom makes me a lot happy.  Gosh, that sounded shallow!  Really, I'm not.  It was just so defeating to clean an uncleanable bathroom.  And now!  Now it's so clean that I'm making the kids pee downstairs!  No little boys going potty in my happy place!

In fact, I think I should throw a party to invite my friends over to see how gross my bathroom isn't anymore! And to see that my living room no longer hosts tiles and tubs and a toilet!  It's completely free of our handy man's tool box, spare baseboards, and a shop vac.  It's like I have my house back after all these months and I just don't even know what to do with myself!  We've made a few new friends  in the span of this remodel project and I'm pretty sure they think we just live in squalor.  I can't wait to show them that we really don't.   That it was just impossible to keep a house in order when multiple living spaces were taken over by remodeling junk.

Okay.  I've rambled on enough about my new-found clutter liberation and squeaky clean bathroom.  I'll let you go now.  I have a birthday party to host!  Pictures of the cutest little shark party ever are coming your way tomorrow!

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