June 6, 2013

See Ya Later, Mom!

see ya

Last week, we found ourselves in a magical place called Goblin Valley. Goblin Valley State Park is a crazy desert that used to be a sea during the Jurassic period, and by some geological miracle (or basic science for those who understand such wondrous things) all of these wonky little stone globs formed all around, making excellent climbing challenges for kids of all ages.  The kids darted from formation to formation, climbing, jumping, chasing.  It was kid-heaven.

Joe and I sat reclined in a patch of shade discussing some dull grown-up topic when Hunter and Hannah Jane breezed past us.  Just a few seconds later, Haven ran by after them and called out, "See ya later, Mom!"  

See ya later, Mom.  It's a simple phrase that I hear almost every day, but in that moment all full of the stuff of family memories, the weight of that phrase hit me hard.  I turned to Joe and said, "Isn't that all any parent ever needs to hear?  Doesn't it just say everything you want for your child?"  Joe looked a little confused, but after I explained, he agreed.

See ya later, Mom, says I've found my adventure and I'm off to chase it, full of independence and confidence.   It also says, even in my moment of liberation, I haven't forgotten you.  I'm calling out because you're remembered and I love you.

What more could we want?  We spend our parenting hours trying to empower them with the tools and skills they'll need to feel good about going out on their own and chasing their dreams and adventures.  But even when they fly, they're our babies and our most prized joys.  They are a tiny piece of us delving into the future and no matter how independent we want them to someday be, we hope that when they get there - when they reach their own branch on the path of life- they'll look back over their shoulders and  share the moment with us.

See ya later, Mom.  It's independence and acknowledgement all rolled into 4 simple words.  What more could a parent ask for?


  1. Love this! Goblin Valley is an incredible place.

    1. Thanks, Robin. When we pulled into Goblin after hiking Bryce and Zion, I was underwhelmed by its scope. But when I saw the kids break out and go wild, it became the most magical place. Funny how different kids make things.

  2. A friend sent me here via Google+. I love your thinking and hope to share more of mine with you sometime in the near future.


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