June 17, 2013

Solstice Prep

It's our crazy week!  Every June we have a week in which falls Father's Day, Haven's birthday, Summer Solstice, and our wedding anniversary.  Phew!  I'm tired just typing that out.  It's a half dreaded, half anticipated week for me.  Lot's of fun to look forward to, but lots of planning, shopping, crafting, and clean up to do too.  It's enough to make a momma feel a bit overwhelmed.

Joe and kids climbing around an arch for Father's Day

This weekend we took our new-to-us camping trailer to Arches National Park for a Father's Day camping trip.  We had a blast with our 1 day in Arches and I am in love with trailer camping!  Minimal packing, almost zero unpacking, and air conditioning while you sleep in the desert.  What more could you ask for?

Today's focus was on wrapping up birthday planning and getting a jump on Solstice.  I'll show you birthday stuff after the big day, but I thought I'd give you a peek at the solstice plans in case that's one you're planning on celebrating too and want some ideas.


Today we went to the second hand stores and got the boys each a tie dye shirt for a buck, and Hannah Jane got a t-shirt dress for 2 bucks.  Normally, we'd tie dye ourselves, but honestly, the insanity of this week and the fact that it snuck up on me again made it a second hand tie dye kind of occasion.  Anyway, we bought the cheap-o shirts and dress and then I did a Google Image search for "Summer Solstice Art."  Each of the kids picked out their favorite piece of art and I printed it on the Avery dark fabric transfers and ironed them on.  I'm pretty sure I'm within the bounds of the law since I'm not planning to sell the shirts later, but I share this with a fair amount of caution. Hunter's is a desert sun with lizards around it, Haven's is like a shell pattern that spills out into a sun shape, and Hannah Jane's is a little sun goddess holding up the lamp of the world.  

Later on, we're going to try and make s little sun queen like this one, and some sun beam babies like this for table decorations for our solstice party.  My friend's family is going to make a solar oven to bring so we can have solar oven lunch (hopefully with someone else making the oven, it will work this time!) and with the kids on the big day, we're going to make felt leaf crowns with tie-dye stars or moons in the middle, and we're going to try a technique for marbleizing paper that uses spray paint in a water bucket to make some sun art.

Those are the plans at the moment.  I'll post pictures as things get made and tell you how it goes.  I historically stink at felt crafting, but I still love it so I keep trying.  And the marbleized paper looks too good to be true, so we're going to try a little ahead of time just to make sure it's not a flop when our friends are over.  There's nothing quite like having a crowd of excited kids standing by to see that what you promised you'd do isn't actually going to work.  Had that happen at the science party this year and it really felt awful.  

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