June 25, 2013

Tuesday Teaching Tidbit : Dealing with Really, Really Bad Days

Today I'm breaking the blogger's code and sharing about our terrible, horrible, no good, very bad homeschooling day.  They happen.  They happen to everyone.  One happened to us just yesterday.  And since no one ever seems to talk about yucky homeschooling days, I thought I'd put it all out there and share. Here's so taking off our super-mom capes once in a while and telling it like it is.


  1. Love this, thanks for posting your experience, you are so right about the feelings that happen after bad days... good reminder not to beat ourselves up and remember there is a range of types of days involved no matter what type of schooling we choose :-)

  2. Thanks, Chelsea! I felt a nervous about letting down my guard.

  3. I really needed this! We had one of those days today, and it was good to be reassured that a bad day is not a reason to quit.

    1. Cara, are you new to homeschooling? I think a few years in, you stop considering throwing in the towel and just lightly bang your head on the wall and wait for tomorrow to come. Just kidding. Sort of. LOL! Sorry you had a bad day too, but I hope you got that lovely rebound day out of it!


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