June 11, 2013

Tuesday Teaching Tidbit : Unique E-mail Addresses for Minors without Fibbing to Google!

Ever wanted to create an account for your kids on a free educational website, but were required to have unique e-mail addresses for each child who needed an account?  Have your kids ever come home from school with a note requiring that they have their own e-mail account?  Seems to be the norm these days, even for elementary schoolers.

Yes, in this tech crazy world, schools and companies that cater to children are more and more often expecting kids to have their own e-mail address.  Some parents are fine with this and don't mind either fibbing to Google or Microsoft to get one or paying for a secure, kid-friendly e-mail account.  

Me?  I didn't really want my kids to have their own e-mail accounts.  But then I caved because it was so often required for the good stuff (like the early days of Khan Academy) and so I tried to find a free host that would allow kid accounts, to no avail.  I'm not big on forking over the credit card number to a company I've never heard of.  Ya know?

But the solution has been found!  I'm pretty excited to have figured this out after all of these years.  Maybe everyone already knew this, but I didn't and none of the moms that I went to for advice did either.  They all just fibbed to Google.  LOL!  No more fibbing, Mommas!  Gmail is parent friendly and they've created a loophole just for this little conundrum.  Well, it's probably for some other conundrum, but it works for this one, so check out the video and celebrate!

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