July 28, 2013

Flying! {finally}

We went and picked Hannah Jane up from Girl Scout camp on Saturday, which came with maybe the best hug ever.  After pick-up, we headed to our annual camping trip near Cascade Springs, which is maybe the most beautiful place on planet earth.  And then this morning, Joe and I went and jumped off a mountain., which was maybe the coolest thing we've ever done.  It may have been the weekend event of the summer!  Maybe.

We've been trying to go hang gliding for months now, but we've been cancelled on for weather every time. When we go rained on at Cascade Springs, we were pretty sure we were going to get canceled again, but we got the voicemail that flying was a go!  Unfortunately, it was too windy to hang glide, but there were plenty of paragliding pilots from the same company ready to let us fly in high winds, just sitting on our bums rather than hanging belly-down.  Thinking maybe we'd never get the weather for hang gliding, we decided to go for it.  

Paragliding was so much  better than I expected.  It was a rush and relaxing all at once!  While we waited, we met this guy who had just finished paragliding school and had decided not to fly solo in the major wind, so he spent a few minutes pointing out different maneuvers to us, and different styles of gliders.  He pointed out one guy doing these huge dips and said, "He's just playing around, seeing what he can do.  That's advanced.  You won't do that on a tandem flight."

But then I got the show-off Aussie pilot who, after he finished making repeated passes over Joe and the kids so we could wave and show off, dipped down behind the side of the mountain and did the very show-off tricks that apparently you never do tandem.  I think he called it wing dips, but it felt like we were free-falling first to one side and then to the other.  

When we saw that Joe was taking off, he landed us so that I could get some photos of Joe.  The kids came rushing over to us, almost tripping over all of the lines.  I felt like a rock star!  

Joe's pilot was the owner's wife and apparently she was quite a bit more conservative in flight.  I'm pretty sure he would have liked the wing dips more than I did and I would have enjoyed a nice mellow sky cruise, but we were both thrilled to have done it.  Joe still wants to go back and hang glide eventually, but I'm quite satisfied with my paragliding flight.  I might do it again while he hang glides if we ever catch another groupon deal.  It was one of those experiences that make you realize how important it is to break out once in a while and scare yourself.  Haha!  You know.  Remember that you're still alive.  

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