July 22, 2013

Getting Ready for Camp

Camp, as you may know, is my least favorite week of the year.  Yes, I know it's great for kids to get away from home and find that they have amazing abilities to function out from under their parents' wings, but I kind of just really enjoy Miss Hannah Jane's company, and as such, I'm awful sad when she's not here.  The boys too.  I said, "Hey boys, what fun things do you want to do while Hannah Jane is away?"  and they immediately freaked out.  "Why would we do fun things without her?  That's not fair!  We'll wait and have fun when she gets back."  Oh, melt my heart!


But this is already certain to be her best camp year yet.  We can never find the boots that they require for horse riding that fit her prosthetic foot, and last year we spent hours upon hours going from store to store trying to find some, and we finally we had to go with a boot that was not really at all what they wanted, but was as close as we were going to get, and the 2 pairs we had to buy so that both her regular old kid foot and her prosthetic foot had one to fit were so different from one another that she said a lot of people commented on how one of her shoes was WAY bigger than the other.  But this year, at only our second shoe store, we not only found boots that fit, but they were in fact cowboy boots and they were pretty similar in size.  I about cried, she was so happy!  Usually she cries and says, "I guess I'll never be able to have cowboy boots like everyone else."  So obviously, this is her year!


I made her this really fun bag for her mess kit.  It's just a basic drawstring bag, and then I wrote things to remember while at camp, but I made it all funny by using animals instead of people.  Last year she got caught up in some girl drama, so a friendly reminder about turkeys seemed to be in order.  And if it makes you laugh, well, then it's not lecturing, so I'm good!  Joe wandered in and saw it and came out all teary eyed and said, "Why'd ya have to make me cry with that sweet pillow case?"  Yeah...so not a pillow case, but he's a man and he's crying, so I'll let it slide.


And every year we write a card for her to read each night while she's away, but this year instead of writing on basic dollar store cards, I found a bunch of cute pictures about camping and made my own cards by printing them on cardstock.  They turned out adorable and special.  

Doesn't she just look too tiny to spend 5 nights in the woods without her Momma?
They have dress like your favorite animal day at camp, as if packing for 5 nights away in the wilderness isn't enough packing already.  She didn't want to use face paint because apparently last year they did animal day early in the week and some girls were funny looking with paint residue all over their faces for the rest of the week and she didn't want to get made fun of.  We don't have any animal costumes in our stash except for a dragon, and she sure didn't want to be that.  So we invented the pegacorn (half Pegasus, half unicorn) and I made her a horn by gluing a cone of construction paper to a head band, loaned her the wings from my only Halloween costume, and she threw her black sweat suit in her bag.  Good to go!

Okay, well, I just heard the alarm clock, so I guess it's about time to make the long drive to camp drop-off.  Wish me luck!  I think I'll go without mascara today.  And maybe buy an unreasonable amount of gummy bears on the way home.  


  1. Awww...so sweet! And your cute bag (note) made me tear up a bit too. You are a great example of what an amazing mom is.

    1. Thanks, Toni! I really was just trying to make her laugh, so it cracks me up a little that it's been met with a little bit of emotion too. All the better, though, I suppose.


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