July 1, 2013

New Year, New School Pics!

It's week 2 of our new school year and thankfully, things are beginning to run smoothly.  We've got our schedule mostly figured out, new responsibilities are understood, and things are rolling right along.

With each new school year, we have to get new school photos at our handy dandy mall photo booth.  This is a favorite tradition of ours and we do it every June to mark the beginning of a new year of learning.  The kids usually bring something to make their pictures more personal.  No stuffy, "Say pickles!" while sitting on a stool in front of an ugly, drab background for us!  Photo booths are much more our style.  And you don't have to be a homeschooler to opt for more fun!  It can just be an annual summer event. 

It's fun to compare each year's photos and see how they've grown and what toys they brought in years past. These go in their school documentation folders along with their paperwork for each year and their January, All About Met pictures.

Here's 2 years ago.

And then last year.
My old scanner brook down and I had to buy a new one this year.  Obviously the old one was way better  :(  This year the booth didn't have our usual style with the name tag top, so the kids each picked the theme they wanted.  As usual, I got in the last pic of each strip.  I'd really be happy to not have a record of my annual aging, but as a mom, you make certain sacrifices, right?  LOL!

school pics

Our photo booth gives you a tare and share double strip of each set, so dad gets one of each to take to the office and the other one is only filed away after it's been displayed on the fridge for a while.

Aren't these super fun?  And way cheaper than your usual school pictures!

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