July 23, 2013

Tuesday Teaching Tidbit : Ancient Egypt Crafts Part 1

It's been fun to collect a variety of craft projects and other more artistic project during our study of Ancient Egypt.  We're not done yet, but I figured it would be better to do a couple of short videos on that than a really long one.  So in a week or two, I'll bring you part 2.  

Projects and links:
Wet on Wet Water Color:  There's no link for this one because it's a pretty basic wet on wet that I just came up with on the spot to connect our art and history studies.  I used spacial terms as I walked them through the piece, step by step, careful not to give away what we were actually painting.  Sometimes it adds a little fun to a project to say, "I'm not going to tell you what we're painting.  Just follow along and see what you get."  So I used terms like the midline and focused on concentrating color along the horizontal midline and blending outward towards the edges.  The pyramids were added last, so we had a time when we had a block of color on top and a block of black on bottom.  We paused to talk fractions for a split second, just to tie everything together that we could.  Anyway, super fun, super easy, super pretty.  Go for it!

Etching Tablet:  I saw this everywhere online using sand, but we have an excess of plaster of paris downstairs, so that's what we used.  I tracked down this post to share for Egyptian etchings using plaster of paris instead of sand in case you're not familiar with the stuff.  The kids each picked a picture from our books to etch into theirs and we used Hannah Jane's chip carving tools.  The one in the slide show is Hannah Jane's of the king of Upper Egypt slaying the king of Lower Egypt to unite the kingdoms.

Papyrus Painting:  We made faux papyrus using this Crayola tutorial, but chose to make it atop a piece of card stock and let it dry there so that we could hole punch it and keep it in our notebooks.  The kids painted Thoth and added his name in hieroglyphics.

Cat Mummies:  We read about Bastet, the cat goddess before making these.  A word to the wise, here.  Preread about Bastet.  Don't wing it.  We accidentally wandered into a story abotu her trying to kill all mankind, and to stop her the gods made red beer and tricked her into thinking it was blood.  Apparently she got drunk off of the beer blood, fell asleep, and then the god could move her to a safe place so that she stopped killing humans.  A few days after we read that, I heard the boys talking about blood colored beer while we were at the grocery store and I worried that people would overhear them and think we're the scariest family on earth.  Yeah...you've been warned.  Anyway, you can make a cat mummy without studying Bastet, so here's the place we found the idea.  We did use gold spray paint instead of dealing with brushes on this one.  And then the kids sharpied their designs on after the gold dried.

Book of Dwellings:  This idea is as old as Waldorf schooling.  I don't have a resources to share with you, but I will promise to make an entire post dedicated to the book's progress when we're done.  Or maybe we won't be done for the full 4 year cycle, in which case I'll update you periodically.  As we're studying ancient civilizations, I'm inclined to also start a book on burials.  Between pyramids and cremations and funeral pyres, there's just so much!  I can't decide what to call it, though.  Dwellings of Death?  No.  Probably not.  I'm still just toying with that idea.  I better decide fast!

If you have favorite Egypt related crafts or hands on activities, send them my way!  We still have a week or so to fill with Egypt fun!

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