July 2, 2013

Tuesday Teaching Tidbit : Homeschool Planning and Scheduling

Here's a little glance at my Mod Planner and how the kids work through their tab schedules each day.

I've taken the Mod Planner out of my TPT store so that I can give it as a gift to my facebook subscribers.  So pop over to the Momma Skyla facebook page, hit "Like" and get your free download.  It's the best way that I've found for a type-A like myself to do the planning that I want to do, without feeling frustrated that it never pans out according to plan.  With the dump-it schedule, we can fail to accomplish everything in the day and still wind up right on track next Monday.  Brings joy to a momma's heart!

Here's a screen shot of my 2 page rough file.  Between Wednesday and Thursday would be your 3 rings.

mod preview

I took out the fully shaded Fridays (forgot to mention that in the video) because they were ink suckers and ink is expensive!!!  But everything else is still fun and colorful and way not boring!  And don't worry.  Thursday and Friday aren't underlined in the pdf.  Spell check doesn't like the font that's in all lowercase, but you know....  There's a full explanation of how to use it in the download if the dump-it concept is still unclear.  Don't ya think rainbow shapes way more fun than your typical black and white boxes?

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