July 1, 2013

Baha'i Calendar Coloring Page

UPDATE:  Ayyam-i-Ha and Ala were reversed!  Print from link rather than image for corrected version!

We're studying the Jewish faith along with our history classes right now.  Seems wrong to look at the Israelites wandering through the desert and not take a peek at what their faith blossomed into in our own time.  We lucked out in than our studies happen to fall right at the start of the High Holy Days, starting next week!  I'm still figuring out what we can do to get in on some observances of those, but in the mean time, we've been watching videos about the holidays.

To go along with all of that, I printed out a Jewish calendar for the kids to color and put in their notebooks.  Oddly enough, they were perplexed by it being a round calendar and asked, "How is that even a calendar?"  Wah??  The Baha'i calendar is often represented as a round calendar as well, so how could they be questioning this?  Gar!!!  The LSA gave everyone in the community a Baha'i calendar that was merged with the regular western version last year for Ayyam-i-Ha (or was it Naw Ruz?) and so that replaced our round one for the year.  Guess maybe they've forgotten that the round one ever existed.  :(

They had fun coloring the Jewish calendar, so I got to Googling, looking for a colorable Baha'i calendar that is round rather than one that is merged with our typical squared off calendar, so that they could paste in it their notebook along side the Jewish calendar for a compare and contrast sort of visual.  As far as I can tell, no such fun kid's coloring version of the Baha'i calendar exists.  So of course I had to make one.  Yeah...this took a while.  And was tedious.  My head was spinning by the time I finished, so there's probably an error in there somewhere (maybe a few).  All of the Persian punctuation marks still feel foreign to me, so, ya know, my eye doesn't necessarily catch the mistakes.  Still, I thought I'd share it for those other Baha'i mommas out there who want the calendar coloring experience for their kiddos or children's classes.  You can download or print it from here.

If you find mistakes, please do tell me so I can correct them.  And if you enjoy it, please do share the link with anyone who might enjoy it as well.   


  1. I love your calendar because it includes the Gregorian calendar as well. FYI there is another round calendar at http://avrelseale.wordpress.com/2011/11/03/bahai-gregorian-calendar-wheel/

    Different but unified! :-)

  2. Anonymous9.10.13

    Ayyam i Ha before 'Ala

    1. Crack me up! This has been downloaded a gazillion times and you're the first to notice. I'll see what I can do to fix that and repost. Thank!


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