August 29, 2013

Tabernacle Model

Our final project for our first quarter of history was to build a model of the tabernacle that the Isealites lugged around the desert.  The kids have been working on this tabernacle little by little for two weeks as they studied this website for details about what the different details of the tabernacle may have represented.

All of the possible symbolism sparked a lot of discussion not just with the kids, but between Joe and I as we took our evening walks.  I love it when our school work bleeds into the rest of our lives.  With homeschooling, that tends to happen.  

The kids haven't made a video like this in a long time, and historically it has just been Hannah Jane doing it.  It was interesting to watch her shift into the new role of director during this one.  It was obvious that she didn't trust the boys to learn their parts, and so she decided to memorize everyone's parts so that she could whisper forgotten words under her breath when they got stuck.  This made for a much more serious and less relaxed video project than usual.  Man, was she ever intense.  LOL!  But the boys didn't mind.  They were happy to be given lines in a video, even if sister was ready to pounce with stumbled upon words.  We might need to give that girl some breathing exercises to calm her down.  She has hammered this new school year with a level of intensity and perfectionism that I haven't seen in years past.  

Well, I stop blabbing and get to the video.  The Christison kids proudly present their tabernacle in the wilderness.

For the base, we spray painted a flattened box yellow like sand.  The curtain is made up of tissue paper on popsicle sticks in oven baked clay sockets.  The laver and all of the things in the inner sanctuary are also oven baked clay.  The inner sanctuary is taped together box flaps and all of the curtains and tapestries are markered on paper towels.  The sacrifice was supposed to be a sheep made of pillow stuffing.

There are a thousand different ways we've seen people build their model, and almost as many ideas of where in the tabernacle everything was supposed to go.  This was our best interpretation using things we already had sitting around the house.  We shall call it "Budget-nackle!"  I made some worksheets to help them remember what each part stood for, and I'll post those as soon as they're all spiffied up and refined.

Up Next?  Buddhism and the 8 fold path!

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