September 13, 2013

Ancient China Activity Round-Up

Ancient China Activity Round-Up

Ancient China Activity Round-Up

Today we are wrapping up our studies on Ancient China as we filing all of the kids' fun creations away in their notebooks.  Ancient China really captured the kids' imagination, with the nasty rulers and nomadic invaders and lavish building projects and clothes.  

Here's a peek at some of the fun things we found to do!

We found these super fun ancient times paper doll printouts and the kids used them to make a scene along side their written narrations of the story of how silk fabric came to be invented.  Up in the picture, you can see Hannah Jane's narration and paper doll scene.  You could also use these for puppet shows!  How fun would that be?

We used this link as inspiration for our bamboo scrolls and found phrases from around the web for the kids to write on their sticks.  My favorite phrase was, "the sky (or sometimes mountain) is tall and the emperor is far away," which the kids took to mean that there's limitless mischief we could get into and no one with watching!  We glued ours to card stock so that it could be filed in their notebooks.  I'm not much for saving knick-knacky projects.  Who has room for that?

Perhaps this weekend, since the weather is wet, we will get more into Chinese inventions and try our hand at silk screening, as shown here.

We learned the Dynasty Song, which the kids LOVED!

This site has fun things that the kids can do on their own when they want screen time, but I want them not being mindless and unengaged.  

And all of the kids read essays on Huangdi and then each wrote a 5 paragraph persuasive paper on whether or not he was a good ruler.  These cracked me up!  The recurring theme for the boys was simply that you have to pay a man for his work and if he doesn't work, then just fire him.  Don't kill him.  They pretty  much restated that a gazillion different ways and called it a paper, which I excused because they're 6 & 7 and it entertained me.  Hannah Jane's was a bit more eloquent and convincing.   

So there ya have it!  


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