September 5, 2013

Fall Food : Pumpkin Pie French Toast Casserole

As you could probably tell from my last post, one of my favorite things about fall is the smell of fall food.  Baking fills the house with such delicious scents!  This year I'm on a mission to find new fall foods that smell divine and fill little bellies with not only nourishment, but that feeling of love that only a warm, momma-made baked good can provide.

Today I tried a pumpkin pie french toast casserole.  Hello, fall?  Yes, we're ready for you!  It was delicious and filling.  I used this recipe, but instead of a nice multigrain bread, I used a 69 cent french loaf from the discount bakery rack.  Cheap bread is hard to pass on, and while I never ever buy white bread for sandwiches, every now and then a loaf makes it into the house for soup night or a breakfast casserole.  And instead of milk, I used rice milk.  After a year of going vegan, I felt like I might eat the children and so I've added eggs and wild fish back into my diet and prest chango!  I like life again.  I'm only sold on dairy as far as I can produce it myself or verify its lack of hormones and antibiotics.  Rice milk is my one true love in the baking department because has great calcium content and soy milk does not agree with me one bit.  

The verdict:  Joe thought it was a bit soggy for his taste, but with enough powdered sugar, he'll eat just about anything.  The boys liked it and Haven even said, "When I woke up and you told me what was for breakfast, I knew it was going to be a good day!"  Score!  Hannah Jane didn't hate it, which for her is a win.  I added loads of pecans to the top, and she loves pecans, so she ate those first, but declared that the rest of it was bland.  "It's not supposed to taste like a glazed doughnut!" I told her, but she ate it and that's about all you can ask for from her.  I liked it.  I think the pecans were a must, though.  It was a bit soggy and no amount of baking or subsequent microwaving was going to firm it up.  It baked for an hour and then I though that if I nuked it for a few minutes, piece by piece, that the egg would set up a bit more.  But no.  The nuts added the necessary texture to counterbalance the mushiness of the bread.

I plan to make this one again.  And the next new fall recipe I'm going to try is No-Bake Granola Bites.  Can't wait to see how they turn out!

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