September 2, 2013

Fall To-Do List!

I've been wooed by all of the summer and fall bucket lists on Pinterest and decided that we needed a family fall to-do list of our own.  It's my absolute favorite time of year and there's really nothing that has to do with fall that I'm not crazy about.  For me, summer is a time to merely survive.  To try not fall over from heat exhaustion.  To hide from the killer UV rays.  Us pale folk have a tough time of it in the summer.  

When the sprinkler man rudely told the kids that they needed to stand up to mom and tell her that it's summer and they're supposed to be outside playing, I wanted to say, "Who wants to play in 100 degree heat?  Now is the time for school work in the AC.  A couple of months from now, when it's lovely outside, we'll take our play time.  Don't you worry!"  I will never understand summer break.  Let's take the 3 most miserable months of the year and let kids have them off to bask in sweat and sunburn of a childhood well spent.  I'm all about a longer fall and spring break.  That would make so much more sense.  I suppose there are some blondes out there who enjoy a hot, sunny day.  Those of us who are the color of fall leaves piled on top of snow white skin would much prefer to hide and study in the nasty summer months and break when the sun is hidden behind cloud cover.   

I know (because a certain facebook friend won't let me forget it) that it isn't technically fall just yet.  But embracing fall the second the school buses start rolling by helps me cope with those last few hot days before the air crisps.  I noticed about a month ago, when I woke up in the middle of the night, that fall sneaks in at midnight weeks and weeks before it makes a day time appearance.  I will admit that feeling crisp cool air on my skin by accident one night had me actually getting up in the wee hours a few more times just to feel it again.  Just to remind myself that the therapeutic winds of fall would soon enough put summer in its place.  And now it creeps in a little earlier in the night and hangs around a little later in the mornings.  It's almost here to stay!

I'm ready.  I'm ready to replace the lemon scented hand soaps with baking themed scents again.  Heck!  I'm ready to bake again!  All summer long, my baking things stay stashed away, because who can tolerate an oven running in a house that's already baked by the sun?  Not me.  If I use the crock pot in the summer, I plug it in in the garage, so as to not add to the house heat.  And then all the delicious scents are wasted on the van.  Soon soups and stews will simmer in the kitchen, candles will glow on the dinner table, muffins and cupcakes will fluff in the oven, and the house will smell warm and inviting in a way that it simply can't when it's hot outside.

Look out, fall!  Here I come!


  1. I hear you! We hide inside during the heat too, as well as the bitter cold red air days. Fall and Spring are lovely times for nature walks. :)

  2. I totally agree! And where I come from in Phoenix, AZ, summer break made even less sense. It was too hot to even swim in the middle of the day, let alone play outside, so all the kids spend the whole summer cooped up inside. Then December through February, when it's really nice outside, everyone is in school. This time of year in Phoenix, I would be looking at another solid 2 months of heat. This is my first fall here in Cache Valley, and I am super excited! And, since we've been schooling all summer, we will actually get to take some breaks and enjoy it!


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