September 9, 2013

Fostering School Identity : Fight Song and Cheer

I've talked about our school crest and school uniforms, and today I thought I'd share a couple of other things we do to foster a sense of school identity like our fight song and family cheer.

I went to a mom's night out not too long ago, where I mentioned these things, and a mom said, "Will you sing your fight song for us?"  I suddenly felt completely embarrassed because our fight song has been around since we lived in Oregon, where having three kids was almost unheard of.  We felt like a giant family back then, and that's in our song.  Now we live in the homeland of the truly large families, and our humble family of five seems small. So the idea of singing our family song about being a big family, in front of an audience of moms with 5-10 kids felt odd.  I didn't have the guts to sing it.

To get out of singing it myself, today I went ahead and recorded the 3 constant elements of our morning circle time.  Every morning, they sing the fight song, say the morning verse, and do the cheer.  After that, we say prayers and work on memorizing verses or listen to inspirational talks.  The rest of circle time changes with the needs of the day.  But those three elements are always there.  They were a little awkward singing on camera, but by the end they loosened up and thought it was fun.  

Here ya go!  Our morning circle time rituals!

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