September 18, 2013

Newsletter and Free E-Book!

I've been working on several exciting new projects and I'm excited to share a couple of them with you this morning!

A new facebook page committed solely to homeschooling and the Momma Skyla blog is up and running!  There, I will post links back here as well as to my favorite homeschooling articles, funnies, and blog posts.  All of those cool things that I find that aren't quite big enough to warrant an entire blog post, but are still worth sharing will find their way to the Momma Skyla facebook page.  I'm really excited about the new page, and I hope you'll share it with friends and family who are interested in homeschooling and parenting ideas.

As a gift to my facebook friends, I've posted a free download of my favorite homeschool planner, the Mod Planner, that features the "dump-it" zone where you move work that didn't quite get done during the week so that you aren't pushing one week's lessons into the next and just getting further and further behind with each passing week. Maybe you remember that planner from this post.  It's so cheerful with it's rainbow colors and wacky shapes that it makes me happy just to look at.

Next, I'm happy to announce that I've finally finished the e-book that I've been working on for quite some time called Building Homeschool Foundations.  It seems that a lot of the questions I get about homeschooling are either about getting started or making big changes, and so I've spent a lot of time thinking about how we, as parents, can lay a foundation that will actually make it possible for us to get what we want out of homeschooling.  

I researched  habit formation and parent/child interactions and came up with a plan that I thought would make it possible for us to slowly and systematically make positive changes in our homeschool time.  The next step was to test out my plan on my own kids and WOW  We're really feeling the benefits of this plan.  This is a really simple, no-brainer approach to creating an atmosphere where everyone's needs are being met and things flow smoothly without much fuss.  I honestly look at what we've done with this plan and think gosh, that seems so obvious!  Why were we not already doing this?  But sometimes the obvious things are what we fail to really act on.  It took some research and a step by step formula for me to really be thoughtful and consistent with how I move through the day with my kids and how I correct their negative habits  

I am very excited to share this simple plan with you!  It's geared towards homeschoolers, but is really something that any parent can use to foster harmonious family interactions.  Rather than posting it for a fee per download, I decided that I'd give this one for free to readers who subscribe to my newsletter.

What's that?  A newsletter?  Where do I sign up?  

That's right!  I'll be compiling a monthly newsletter with round-ups of my favorite homeschool related posts from around the web, discounts and freebies, and all things homeschool like inspirational quotes and monthly challenges.  Just fill out the form in the right hand side bar, confirm your e-mail address, and you're all set.  Within 24 hours you should receive your newsletter!  After that, a fresh round of homeschooling goodness will show up in your inbox at the beginning of each month.

And in every newslettter, near the bottom, you'll find a download link to get your copy of Building Homeschool Foundations.

That's all of the announcements for today.  Stay tuned for an upcoming video series collaboration with my dear friend, Steffanie of 2000 Reasons to Homeschool, in which we'll tackle your questions about homeschooling and discuss how we each pull it off.  Also, Monday I'll be recording an interview for the Christian Homeschoolers Podcast.  Lot's of great things coming up around the bend!  Don't miss any of the fun!

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