September 25, 2013

Oldie but Goodie Fall Activities!

It's no longer just fall in my heart.  It's officially fall by everyone else's standards now, and we've got fall craft fever over here!  So today I thought I'd look back at some of our favorite fall crafts from bygone years and maybe resurrect a few for old time sake.

Let's just start with pumpkin themed activities, shall we?

You know those crayon melt pumpkins that are all over pinterest?  Yeah, the whole blow drying of hot colored wax with kids thing was not my favorite activity ever.  But then a brilliant idea came to mind!

Pumpkin DIY Crayon Melt

That's right.  Broil those babies!  No more flying wax and crying children.  No more blow dryer shutting off from over heating because your tot can't help but hold the dryer right up against the pumpkin.  All of that is gone, but the adorable, multicolored pumpkin remains.  Score!  Try it my way.  You'll never look back.  That adorable little pumpkin up there was on display in an chic fabric store in town for their Halloween Party last year.  Everyone loved it!

Oh, the shirts we make...I love a good seasonal t-shirt activity and these pumpkins were a favorite.  

Fall shirt craft with kids
Super easy and so many different ways to customize.  

If fall brings you visions of crisp apples instead of pumpkins, you could always make these adorable apple print shirts.  Tea staining them first makes for a lovely unbleached look.

Fall kid craft shirt apples

But back to pumpkins for a moment more.  This craft project that uses dried and dyed pumpkin seeds as fall leaves was way fun.  

You know how I love my cookie cutter collection.  Fall is a great time to break those out as stamps in acrylic paints or as stencils.  I mean, who doesn't own a ton of leaf shaped cutters?  There's so much you can do with them.  It's super fun to smear glue all over a page and then put down a cookie cutter, fill it with dried beans, and then lift it up.  Super sensory shapes.  Kids love it!

Pretty soon I'll be ready to show you the cute Halloween crafts that we've been getting ready to send out to the grand and god parents.  Super fun.  I just want to get them in the mail first so that I don't ruin any surprises!  So go get your fall on and enjoy this fabulous sweater weather!

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