October 9, 2013

A Healthy Treat for Fall Parties

No Bake Granola bite acorns

I had a few mom friends over last Monday to try our hand at wet felting.  Several of us had been wanting to try it, but we didn't trust our own felting instincts, so we started small.  We wet felted some acorns.  Doesn't get much smaller than that, folks!

And in honor of our brave crafting day, I thought we needed a cute crafting snack.  I made these carrot granola bites for the kids several weeks ago, and I decided that I could shape them slightly different and roll the tops in cream cheese and then sprinkles, pop a pretzel in the top, and they'd be adorable little acorn snacks.  And so healthy as far as treats typically go.  

After I made them, I piled them on a plate and called it good.  But no.  That wouldn't do.  If I was going to make such an adorable snack, I needed pictures to share here.  And they should be arranged just perfectly.  It was just then that I decided that I need to hang out in real life with more blogging moms because I bet we throw better get togethers, only because we like to have lovely pictures to share on our blogs, and that makes us neurotic hostesses.  Neurotic, but in a lovely way.

Ready for the recipe?  
 3 C of rolled oats
2 handfuls of chopped pecans
2 tbsp ground flax seed
2 tbsp chia seeds
1 handful of dates
4 carrots grated
1 tbsp cinnamon
1 tbsp cloves
1 1/4 C peanut butter or cashew butter
a healthy long dose of maple syrup

Toss all of that in a bowl, take off your rings and get ready to knead that gunk until it's smooth and well mixed.  Shape into balls (you cal leave them as balls for a basic granola snack at this point if you're not making them for a special fall occasion) and then mush one side so that you've go more of an acorn shape, roll the tops in softened cream cheese (or cream cheese frosting!) and then roll that in sprinkles.  Pop a pretzel in the top and call it an acorn!  How easy is that?

On a regular basis, I make a ton of these and divvy them up between snack bags just to have on hand in the fridge.  They're an easy grab and go snack for hectic days.  Sometimes Haven even eats them for breakfast. 

On party day, though, I served these with maple syrup dip that I made from equal parts peanut butter and cream cheese, with a healthy does of syrup.  And I couldn't find cider at the store, so I bought apple juice and added cinnamon, cloves, and you guessed it...maple syrup!  It was a syrup kind of day.  I felt like Buddy the Elf!

We snacked, we chatted, we felted and talked about awkward mom situations.  It was wonderful!  I bet you want to see my crafted acorns!  Well, if you insist.  

 My first one was my best.  It's the auburn colored one on the top left.  It had the lovely acorn shape that I wanted.  After that, they got all longish and imperfect.  I mean, a lot of acorns look like that, but those are never the ones you take pictures of.  And my adorable friend, Sarah, brought needle felting supplies and showed me how to needle felt a tiny heart to add to my saffron acorn.  That's my new favorite color to wear, and I'm convinced that it's even better in acorns.  

Happy Fall, Y'all!  

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