October 13, 2013

Science Music Giveaway from the Banana Slug String Band!

Banana Slug String Band

I recently pulled out a CD that we were given ages ago, but never got around to opening. I just took a chance and turned it on in the hall while we were cleaning, and instantly the kids were happily singing along and what they were singing was actually useful scientific knowledge.  How often does that happen?  So I started to hinge some of our science lessons around tracks from the CD and started encouraging them to use ideas from the songs in their nature journaling sessions.  It was just so great to have this added layer of fun in our science studies.  

I was thrilled and immediately decided that I had to share this musical find with you guys.  It's perfect for parents, teachers, and homeschoolers.  But before I blogged about it, I thought I'd see if the band still existed (it has been many a year, after all) and see if maybe they wanted to give a free download to a lucky reader.  Well, many albums later, they do in fact still exist and they were happy to give out some tunes.  Hoorah!

All they asked was that I select a song from their latest album called Only One Ocean.  I listened to the tracks and was in love all over again.  I asked if I could give away the song Ocean Everywhere because we live oh, so far away from any ocean now, and this song really made oceans feel super relevant even to those of us living far inland.  It brought me back to when Hunter found aquatic shell fossils way up high on a mountain top and declared, "I found the sea floor!"  This picture is everyone gathered around to see the his find.

Finding those little fossils way high up on the mountain side was thrilling evidence of what trail signs and park rangers have told us a thousand times.  Ocean Everywhere is playful reminder that the ocean was and is everywhere!

And so, I'm super super excited to tell you that not only did the Banana Slug String Band offer us a download of the song Ocean Everywhere, they offered us a TON of downloads of that song.  So many, in fact, that I wasn't sure how I was going to give them all away.  After consulting with some wise blogger friends much more accustomed to large giveaways than I am, I have a plan!

For this post, and my next 3 science related posts, I'm going to give away 50 downloads of the song.  Each download has its own unique code, so to get your code, simply 1) leave a comment below telling us your favorite science activity or lesson and 2) shoot an e-mail to me at mommaskyla@gmail.com and I will reply with your unique download code.  If you come across this after the 50 have been given away, never fear.  More will be given out in association with my next science post, so stay tuned!

Again, this is a ton of downloads, so please share this post with friends and family that might enjoy a good science song, and don't forget to check out the other awesome tunes from the Banana Slug String Band.  Dirt Made My Lunch is still our favorite album with songs about food production, photosynthesis, and botany!  They also have educator resources at their homepage!  

While you wait to get your download, enjoy this little song about the water cycle, and behold just how long the Slugs have been making science memorable!

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