October 20, 2013

Simple Halloween Water Color Resist

This is a fast and easy art project that has a big wow factor.  You just need water color paper (card stock will do in a pinch, but it will be a little bumpy when you're done), a white crayon, water colors, and a black marker or crayon.

The first step is the trickiest.  You'll want to draw a spider web on your white paper with a white crayon, and you'll want to go over it enough times that you've got fat lines rather than the thin lines you get when you outline something in crayon.  This will ensure that your spider web shows up after painting.

Once you've got your web, add a line down from the web, also in white crayon, from which your spider will later dangle.

Now for the magic.  If your kids are anything like mine, right about now they are thinking that this is the lamest art project ever, because, "Mom, no one can see white on white.  This is lame."  But all of the doubting makes it all the better in the end.  Your next step is to use a wide brush to spread blue water color all across the entire page, completely disregarding the spider web.  As you do, the paint will bead up and roll off of the spider web like magic.  It's almost like invisible ink.  They love it!  This is when the kids that just called it lame will probably gasp and smile and giggle.  

You can add some purple here and there, and then, for some added fun, you can dip the brush into a red or pink and then flick the brush to make speckles of paint across the page.  

Finally, either let the paper dry and come back for this, or blow dry the artwork if you are impatient like we are.  It's time to make the spider on the end of the dangling web piece.  

It's so dreamy and lovely in the end.  The kids were really excited about the results.  Ten minutes in and out, and something lovely to show for it!  Can't beat that!

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