October 29, 2013

This Kid Knits!

I can hardly believe it after all of the times I've tried to teach Hunter to knit, but this is the year, folks!  This kid knits!  I made a few modifications to the plan that I think really helped.  No more Waldorf knitting verses - that's a little too abstract for his literal brain.  And no more thin, home made needles and thin yarn.  I bought him a fat set of shorter needles and let him choose any chunky weight yarn he wanted.  The combination of fat supplies for tiny hands and another year of life behind him allowed for a little knitting magic!

On the way home from buying his needles and yarn I told him about this funny post by a guy who ended up having an entertaining discussion with some cops about being a dude knitting in Starbucks.  It's totally worth reading if you haven't already seen it.  I got a hearty giggle out of the story.  Anyway, Hunter loved the idea of being a knitting ninja.  Perhaps that's where his inspiration to follow through this year came from.  

I'm so thrilled that not only is he knitting, but he seems to be really proud of it!  He said, "I cannot believe this.  Are you seeing me?  I'm really doing it this time!  And it's actually really fun."  Now, this didn't happen in one lesson.  He tried it for two days, doing fine while I stood over him and dictated the steps, but dropping and doubling stitches all over the place if I walked away for even a minute.  But by day three he really had it.  On day three he knitted 5 rows of 10 stitches, and then on day four he did 5 more rows.  We started off thinking he'd make a scarf, but decided to go with washcloth while we had a happy knitting feeling.  Why drag it out until he can make a huge mistake and feel like it was a waste of crafting time when we can end it here and preserve the knitting high?  I did the binding off because who wants to top off a really positive hand work experience with a new, slightly more complicated skill that could likely undo all of his accomplishments?  Not me.

While Hunter was knitting in a traditional sense, Haven was spool knitting a colored pencil holder, which he also finished yesterday.  Now Hannah Jane and Hunter both really want to use the spool knitter and Haven really wants his own wash cloth.  Looks like we're settling in to a seasonal crafting mode.  Next up?  Hand dipped candles!


  1. My little man, when I taught him to knit at age 9 (or so) really got into black yarn. If it was black, it was boyish enough. ;) We loved making our own needles - have you tried the fatter dowels? I admit that metal needles slide better and are probably better suited to chunky acrylic yarn, though.

  2. we haven't tried fatter dowels, but you're right. The metal slides so nicely that I'm thinking we're not going back to splinters in our yarn for this guy for a while. I did, for Hannah Jane once when she was way into knitting, dip her homemade needles into modge podge about 4 times, letting them dry in between coats, and they slid nicely like metal. But they were also fumy. And Hunter doesn't much care if things are boyish. I kind of wish he did ;)

  3. I haven't heard of dipping the wood in modge podge. We sanded and oiled ours, and they felt almost as nice as bamboo...


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