October 7, 2013

Waldorf Inspired Nature Nymphs from Stir Sticks

easy Waldorf Inspired project

It was perfect timing when I saw this adorable wooden carving on Pinterest the day after we brought a ton of stir sticks home for mixing up wall paint.  I instantly thought, I could make something like that from our stir sticks!  The shape was just right.  The very next day we just happened to read about the Greek's nymphs, which were each assigned some element of nature to look after.  Well, that settled it!  I had to make stir stick nature nymphs.  Had to!

Waldorf Inspired Nymphs

Oh, they turned out so lovely and they were so darn easy to make.  I just centered the face above that little indention so that it could act as a neck, sketched my gals on the sticks, outlined the final lines with a fine tipped sharpie, and then colored in with colored pencils.  I decided to carve around their heads a wee bit, but instantly regretted it because the wood really wanted to split.  I salvaged the gals, but I wouldn't recommend the carving part.  It was risky.  Minus the carving, we're talking about 10 minutes to make all three and they would look lovely on a nature table, or as book marks while you're wading your way through some Homer.

Obviously I wasn't terribly true to the Greek nymphs, but I was inspired by them.  They were my muses. 

They've gotten lots of compliments from visitors and the kids just gaze at them and love them so much.  Wood with bright colors is kind of captivating in that super Waldorf sort of way.  We've done several nymph related activities during our time in Greek studies and the kids look to the stir sticks as their inspiration for writing assignments and art projects.  

If you want to make your own, just ask your local paint counter if you could snag some stir sticks.  They always just heap them on us when we buy paint, so I'm sure they wouldn't mind handing over a few for an art project!

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