November 19, 2013

Beeswax Snail Project

Our modeling beeswax arrived in the mail and it almost qualified as thrilling to finally get to decide for myself if it's worth all the fuss (and cost).  If we weren't being reimbursed for art supplies this year, I might never have taken the leap, but there is modeling in their art curriculum and this was our chance to try it out.  We're also trying out beeswax crayons, but that's another post altogether.  If you've been reading in these parts for very long, you know I can get a little ranty about beeswax crayons.  But back to the modeling wax.

I'm not ready to jump on the it's totally worth paying triple for! bandwagon, but it does have a nice, smooth feel once you've worked it to death.  In the end, I worked it for an hour and kiddos modeled with it for 15 minutes.  We'll see.  If it requires that sort of work every single time, I'm out.  But if it maintains its buttery smoothness after being worked once, and if it maintains it color and texture over the long haul, I'm all in.  

Anyhoo...Someone stuck a snail shell on the nature display and it just called out to be filled with a little beeswax body.  It absolutely had to be done!  

The boys took little acorns and used the wax like Mr. PotatoHead parts and stuck all sorts of goofy things to "Mr. Acorn Face."  Sadly, I wasn't on the ball with the camera for that fun. And as the boys took turns cracking each other up with their acorn designs, I quietly worked away on a little snail friend and perched him atop the dog biscuit canister in the kitchen window.  

Haven noticed him first.  "Aaaawwww...he's such a cute little guy!  I want to love him forever!"

Hunter came to see what the fuss was all about.  "Mom, I know we've only got a little bit of wax, and I know next time we have a modeling assignment I'm going to have to tear my stuff apart and use the wax for something else.  But please!  Never take that snail apart.  Please!"

Even Joe, who pretty much never comments on the whimsical little things that have begun to crop up around the house, walked in from work and immediately chuckled, "Well isn't this guy adorable!"  I may have beamed with pride just a little.  

I'm thinking no tutorial is needed here, but I just KNOW you're going to want one for yourself because he's just the most pleasant little friend you could ever have.  In fact, as soon as I get my hands on some more snail shells, there are likely to be little friends all over the house.  I'm thinking one would enjoy sitting atop the computer monitor.  Oh, and maybe on the thermostat.  It you want one of your own, just work some wax, roll it, flatten it a bit, bifurcate one end and make each branch kind of bulbous like eyes.  Plops a shell on that baby and you're in business!   Everyone needs a magical little friend hiding in plain sight.  No one notices him without smiling!

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