November 12, 2013

Easy Going Fall Day

It's a work suspended day for us Baha'is, and the Christisons are enjoying a relaxing day of looking back through old photo albums, listening to new music, and working on our "you through my eyes" video projects.  I've been taking more photos and videos than usual for these projects, and going back through them is so much fun.  Here's a look at some favorite pictures from the weekend and a bit of what's playing in our ear on our laid back day off.

I watched the worst movie with the best music last week and discovered Jay Nash.  Ahhh...the mellow vibes are just right on a lazy autumn day.  

Hunter was twirling beneath the bridge I was standing on and looked up in a moment bliss.  That kid just melts my heart these days.  He's at such a fun stage in life.  There's a lot of twirling and hugging and I love yous to be had from him.

My little Hannah Jane, all thoughtful and snuggles lately, took a moment to herself on the edge of the water.  She's been walking the line between magical childhood and contemplative adulthood for a time now, but she seems a bit more comfortable in her own skin than she has in a while.  I'm loving watching her settle into herself.  

Haven has walks heavy, plays hard, and laughs loud.  Everything he does, he does with his whole body and full strength.  It's a little like living with a very cheerful bull in the house, the way he plows through life with his sparkling eyes.  But that makes his sleepy evening moments all the more special.  Those moment when he whispers his favorite moments of the day while I rub his soft little back.  Oh, it's the best!

I love the feeling of fall.  It's the best snuggle time, photo time, music time.  It's just generally the best time of year.  To have a day off in the middle of fall is a serious blessing!  Who could ask for more than a beautiful family and a day to sit back and appreciate them?  Not me!

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