November 7, 2013

Gentle and Beautiful Grammar Unit

Basic Grammar unit

Let's face it.  Grammar can be dull.  Like seriously, mind numbingly dull.  Sure, being a grammar rock star can save you tons of embarrassment when you grow up and circulate among the grammar snobs, but learning it can often put kids straight to sleep.  

Today I added my favorite grammar unit to my TPT store that is both gentle and beautiful, and really grabs the kids' interest!  I know.  That sounds impossible. But I assure you it's not.  It is a 3 week unit covering articles, nouns, verbs, and adjectives, and each lesson uses my own Montessori-inspired grammar symbol system.  Each lesson gradually builds on the previous skill, having the kids to make fun symbols to identify parts of speech rather than diagramming.  The best part, though, is my new favorite grammar tool!

To add a little beauty to our grammar lessons, I designed these grammar bottles, which are gorgeous bottles filled with different colors and parts of speech that are incorporated into their lessons.  The best thing is that they are soooo pretty to look at in the window sill that Haven often says, "Can we do a little more grammar today?" just so he can roll the bottles around in his hands and watch the words swirl around.  He's absolutely mesmerized by the grammar bottles.  

You can grab my Basic Grammar- Module 1 in my TPT store for just $3.  It includes lessons, practice exercises, and instructions for constructing your own magical set of grammar bottles!  I think you're really going to love discovering how beautiful grammar can be!

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