November 18, 2013

Kids Cook Monday : Oatmeal Bar

I'm baaaaack!  We had a wonderful visit with my mom, and just put her on a shuttle back to the airport this morning.  We're so sad to see her go.  But we've still got a Kids Cook Monday for ya!

Once a week, we do oatmeal bar for breakfast and this gives the kids some ownership over their meal and lets them each have something a bit different without leaving me feeling like a short order cook.  They pull out all of the various jars and canisters of oatmeal add-ins, put a kettle of water on, and the fun begins.  

This shows everything they use for oatmeal bar except for cinnamon, which was mysteriously missing from this photo.  I add in flax meal, but the kids never pull that out because they think it's gross.  I cube the apple, but they do pretty much everything else.  You'll notice that there's not brown sugar or syrup, which is a staple in a lot of people's oats.  I think there's enough sugar in the date bits, coconut, and apple to sweeten things up if sweet is what they want.  They load up their bowls and add the water, and I add apple where desired.  

I suppose it's not technically cooking, but it's close enough for Kids Cook Monday.  This is fast to set up and clean up, and it will keep those little bellies full until lunch!

Don't forget to pop over and see what other families are making for Kids Cook Monday!

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