November 22, 2013

Pretty Little Schedule and a Peek at Ancient Rome Pages

We've fallen into a nice little groove with our more laid back chilly-weather schooling. As we've gotten the ball rolling, I'm realizing that we're really sort of CM/Montessori schooling with the color, gnomes, and art supplies of a Waldorf school.  Look at me failing to commit!  But that's probably not shocking anyone.

We are trying to integrate our Spanish vocab into our daily lives (which shouldn't be as difficult as it is) and one of the ways we're doing that is with this darling little gnome ring that I made.  There's a gnome for each day of the week in the color for that day, a platform to showcase the current day of the week's gnome, and a little stone to fill the space left by the day's little friend.

Hannah Jane is good about remembering to change out the little gnomes even on the weekends, when we honestly don't pay them much mind.  But the kids love taking turns moving the correct gnome to the hoy platform and then we say a few sentences in Spanish that are your standard circle/calendar time sentences like Today is Monday. Today's color is purple.  Yesterday was Sunday.  Sunday's color was white.  and so on and so forth.  

Apparently Spanish speaking countries consider Monday the first day of the week, but that completely messed with Hunter's head, so we went ahead and stuck with Sunday as our lead gnome.  It just simplifies things for our American brains. 

 It's hard to see here, but behind each gnome is the planet for that day of the week, which is really maybe a little hokey to me, but we made this on the heels of ancient Roman studies and the Roman gods, combined with the planet names, combined with the Spanish word for that day actually work together to make for a nice little memory aid in many instances.  For instance, Tuesday doesn't sound anything like Martes, but Mars was the god of war and Mars was thought to be the ruling planet over Tuesday, and then we learned that Tuesday came from the Germanic word for the god of war, Tius, and Germanic heavily influenced Old English and suddenly we have this weird knowledge web as it relates to both languages and our history studies.  Did that make any sense at all?  Trust me...the way our history and Spanish timing overlapped, it made complete sense in context.  LOL!  It might not exactly be the way I would go about teaching the Spanish days of the week otherwise, but in our perfect storm of circumstances, it really worked for our brains.  

And speaking of Ancient Rome, why not share some pics of our favorite Rome pages before they get lost in a backlog of digital images?

We started out with some good old fashioned Romulus and Remus...

who built it all upon the seven hills...

and set the stage for the seven legendary kings to rule until Tarquinius went and ruined it for everybody.  What's with #7, Rome?  

Anyhoo, that's just a little look at what's going on in our world!  Calendar gnomes and ancient Rome have united to make for better Spanish speakers!  How often can you say that? 

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