November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving in California

Hello, friends!  I hope you had a glorious Thanksgiving day, full of family and laughter and smiles.  We did!  All of Joe's family lives in California and this year we made it down that way for Thanksgiving day.  Here's a little photo highlight reel of the occasion.

We started driving in the dark Wednesday morning.  By noon, the kids were really in the full glory of their car riding selves.  I forgot that the van is leaking oil and didn't get it fixed in time for the drive, so we took our family of 5 across the wide expanses of Nevada (which I've deemed only suitable for prisons and prostitution - Nevada's version of public relations or, the 3 PRs) in the pick-up, which means exactly zero personal space.  This little scene was actually pretty friendly and the kids were AMAZING on the car ride.  Especially considering that the DVD player was broken.  We listened to books on CD and played tic-tac-toe, and just chilled out and saw the sights.

We spotted this town, Battle Mountain, which we all agreed should have reconsidered putting their initials on the mountain side, even if all of the other towns do it.  Wrong.  Just wrong.

Finally, at Grandma Jamma's house, there was cookie making...

and a turkey pan that wouldn't quite fit in the oven (which we now get to take home because it will fit into our oven) and a quick move of a large turkey into a tiny Dollar Store aluminum pan.  Just look at Grandma Jamma's face.  LOL!  Love it!

There was a little hot tub time while the bird baked...

and some snuggle and giggle time with Aunt Jeanie...

After dinner it was over to the park with Jamma for some soccer.  She's a mean goalie!

And some rock climbing in the nature area.

My two little nature lovers loved this space.  Northern California is full of perfect climbing rocks.

And we ended the evening with a little swinging.

I swung too, but no one took my picture.  It was up to me.  So here's my happy, flying feet on Thanksgiving day.  It was a joyous occasion!  

I'll be back soon.  But I've still got some California to experience!  Tonight, it's Old Town Sac for a light show with the cousins.  See ya soon!

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