December 29, 2013

A New Year is Coming!

New Years is one of my favorite times of year!  I love Mondays, and New Years, and birthdays and rainy days.  I think it's just that I love fresh starts and new beginnings of all kinds.

Looking back at my resolutions for 2013 in the form of the trendy subway manifesto, it looks like I did alright.  I did pretty much everything I wanted to do except for keeping the van clean.  LOL!  Funny, I knew that one was a long shot when I typed it.  Finish a book and have it published?  No problem.  Keep the van clean?  That very well may be asking too much.

In addition to being a lover of fresh starts, I'm a lover of words so I had a little fun using Tagxedo to make a cool graphic of the things I want to be and do more of in the coming year.  It's not exactly a list of resolutions, but it is a good description of what I plan to see in 2014.

My list of MORE!
In the coming year, I just want more of a few little things.  I want to spend more time writing and reading and making music and playing and saying yes to the kids.  I want to be a little more quiet, to turn a little more inward and figure out how to be a little more authentic.  I want to be more creative in the ways that we bring prayer and worship and song to our home and community.  I want to be a little more organized, own a little less stuff and live a little more simply.  I think I can do it!  Notice there was nothing at all about the van on there?  Joe probably hopes the van will fall into the organization category, but I'm pretty certain that it won't.

Last year Joe and I decided to claim as the year of fun, and fun we had.  We served ice cream for dinner, we jumped off of mountains strapped to complete strangers who promised not to let us die, we sang a lot at stop lights and in our living room with complete strangers.  It was a darn good year and a lot of fun was had.

In the coming year I think we're aiming for contentment and balance.  I still might hurl myself off a mountain if the opportunity presents itself, but the focus is going to be on simply noticing what's good that is right in front of us.  I'm not giving up fun.  I'm adding appreciation for the abundance already in my life.

 The kids made theirs too and we'll print them and hang them somewhere in their rooms to remind them throughout the year of how they wanted to improve in 2014.  The farther we get from January, the harder it becomes to remember what it was we decided to do with our year.

Hannah Jane's



The kids must have picked up on the whole content with the simple things vibe because in years gone by, their resolutions have included things like going to Disney Land or other big things outside of their control, or that were far fetched and near impossible.  Of course, as a mom, I don't like to tell them that something they want is impossible, but I do want to encourage them to set attainable goals so that the entire point of the goal is not lost.  Anyway, this year I didn't even have to say a word.  With the exception of Hannah Jane apparently wanting more of certain kinds of weather, everyone wants more of something that is within their grasp already.  Pretty cool!

I am excited about 2014!!!!  It's almost here!  Quick!  Go make a word cloud!

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