December 26, 2013

Holiday Wrap-Up!

Another holiday season has come and gone.  It was a good one!  I haven't been posting much here because, well, handmade holidays take a LOT of time.  Here's a little peek at what we've been up to.

We had our annual brush with Hanukkah.  We give it the best shot that we can, but this year the latke tray was taken up with gingerbread houses and Hanukkah was really early (unexpectedly early, I might add) so it got the usual kitchen window decor, but not as much fanfare as it deserves.  Still, it warms my heart to see the candles burning under the star lights my mom sent us 3 Hanukkahs ago.

Here are our humble gingerbread-free gingerbread houses made from graham crackers because, well, we were busy this year!  Is it fair to blame the lack of latkes on the fact that the official latke tray was occupied?  Probably not, but I'm running with that excuse anyway.

For Christmas I decided to make wooden spoons and hand stamped dish cloths for our family, friends, and neighbors gifts this year.

My first idea for a spoon was to burn an elaborate peacock into them.  I was about an hour into my first spoon when I accepted the fact that this was not a realistic plan for something that I needed to make 40 of in a week.

I decided to go with snowflakes made of straight lines.  Much more practical and just as beautiful.  Good call!

And with all of the stamped and painted dish clothes, it began to look a little like an elf workshop around here!

We cut back to one single Christmas tree this year, leaving us with a lot of left over blue decorations.  That resulted in one fully decorated baby brother.  We call him Tinsel Haven, and we love him dearly.

We had the kids wrap their own gifts for each other this year and wrapping with Hunter was quite an adventure.  "Don't you think it would look better with two kinds of paper, Mom?  I mean, would that just surprise everyone?  And it would be totally easy."  It was not totally easy, but it did surprise everyone.  The above package was his crowning achievement.

Santa was generous this year and the only kid who still believes in him was convulsing with excitement when he dragged us out of bed at 5:30!  Yes.  5:30! The lighting for capturing these priceless family moments really stinks in a room full of windows at 5:30 in the morning, but kids don't care a thing about that, so we had to go with it.

I got the best Christmas gift I've gotten in my adult life and spent the entire day playing ukulele on the couch while the kids drove their RC cars around my ankles and Joe practiced Jingle Bells on Hunter's recorder.  Me and Joe on our kid sized instruments.  That's right, Baby!  We're so cool!

I went with a plethora of squirrel gifts for Joe this year (to know Joe is to know his love of squirrels) and the kids got him a broken fish tank for his office and a beta that he named Omega.  The fish in in temporary emergency housing for homeless fish (AKA a vase on the bar) until he finds more permanent accommodations.

Hunter got a truck load of dinosaurs - one of which apparently loves chocolate - and he spent much of his morning sitting on the heating vent, eating chocolate and telling each new dinosaur what their name means and whether or not they are carnivorous.  Turns out that meat eaters and leaf eaters alike love chocolate.

Hannah Jane had a very 80's Christmas in her oversized sweater, side pony tail, and her new skip it.  Remember those?  And hers has disco lights in it, so when you skip enough times, it flashes rainbows.  How retro is that?

Hope you all had a merry little Christmas too!

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