December 3, 2013

Jr. Katniss Cowl Crochet DIY

Hunter Games, Catching Fire

It's clear that I'm not the only nerd who sat in the theater watching Catching Fire and was consumed by one simple thought.  Holy Smokes!  There's so much good knitting in this wardrobe!!!  Okay, maybe two thoughts.  My first thought was obviously that this was the best movie ever, based on the best books ever, and then that it just so happened to have the coolest post-apocalyptic wardrobe ever.

How do I know that I'm not the only one noticing the yarn heavy wardrobe?  Well, everyone was asleep when I got home from the movie, so I snuggled up with my pal Google and looked up "Katniss Knitting" and found that I was perhaps the last woman to the party.  There were already patterns and obsessive links and link parties to Hunger Game's related yarned delights.  There were a particularly large number of posts where people could only knit or only crochet, and the pattern that they found was for which ever one they didn't know how to do.  I happen to be moderately proficient in both, but I know one thing for certain, which is that I can crochet a heck of a lot faster than I can knit.  So while I considered a cool and somewhat complicated houndstooth knitting pattern for the wildly popular Katniss Cowl, I decided to just wing it with a hook and a few skeins of yarn.

Here's the thing about the patterns out there.  Many of them are trying to hit the exact Katniss cowl on the nose, and while I love it, I probably wouldn't wear that in public.  I mean, look at the back of that sucker.  It looks heavy and a little wacky, and Joe would probably take one look at it and think I completely messed up some other pattern and wore it anyway.  What I wanted was something slightly sleeker and more streamlined, that was Katniss-esque, but a little more understated.  Simplicity, folks.  Simplicity.

Hannah Jane, who is obsessed via her mother and girl scout troop, who is not allowed to read the books or see the movies yet, but has caught the spark just by living in close proximity to some serious Katniss fans, said, "Let me see a picture of this outfit.  I might want one."  I pulled up this collage from, and she of course wanted one.  You don't have to know Katniss to see that she's a girl who knows how to sport some good bulky textiles.  I decided to make Hannah Jane's first.  It would give me a chance to see if I could actually wing it with success, without wasting quite as much on yarn if I was overestimating my skills because, well, she's a sort of mini-me.  I have only crocheted Ninja Turtles and baby hats, after all.  

See that Mockingjay necklace?
It came in a DVD and she was
ready to wrestle me for it.  LOL!  
Since I just wanted the general shape of the piece, I went for flat, but asymmetrical.   I think that's where the interest is.  So I went with a basic double crochet loop the width of her shoulders (chain the length of a wrap around the shoulders and then slip stitch together, DC once in each stitch all the way around), and then working from the insides (to get the rib on the outside), I just zig-zagged back and forth around the loop, decreasing with the pattern of DC, HDC, SC, SL in the last 4 stitches on each end, and the reverse of that to start each new row (SL, SC, HDC, DC).  This gave me 2 triangles that connected on one side.

I tied it off and started back up at the shoulders, single crocheting from the point that would be above one armpit, around to where the back of that same armpit would be, and then chained enough stitched to reconnect to where I started (the chains form a hole for one arm), and then single crocheted around that complete loop until I built up the shoulder space (about 8-10 rounds).  I decreased twice in each round on each side to create the shoulder shaping.  That's a total of 4 decreases per round.  When I hit the far corner, I just decreased twice, centering the decreases around what would be a shoulder seam in a regular garment.

I had her try it on without a collar, but she said she wanted it to be a turtleneck, so I double crocheted 8 rounds with no increases or decreases, from the outside this time so that when the collar folded over, the pattern matched the triangular section with the ribs showing.

The final step was to finish off the edges with a round of single crochet all the was around to smooth out the increases and decreases.  I started and finished that round at the bottom tip of the triangles where they meet down around her hip.  Seemed like the least visible place to tie things off.  Voila!  Jr. Katniss!

That should be enough to get you mothers of Katniss fans started on a nice little crocheted Katniss Cowl.  Hannah Jane wears a size 8 clothes and this took 2 and a half skeins of chunky yarn and a mid sized hook.  If you were to knit, you could get away with less yarn, but the crochet makes for a warmer top layer than knit and it works up a lot faster.  Half a car ride to California, and this baby was done!

Hannah Jane is in love with it and has worn it continuously since I handed it over.  She can be seen lurking around corners with her invisible bow, looking for squirrels to shoot and sell at the Hobb.  It's kind of adorable.  She wants me to make myself a ridiculous butterfly dress and be Effie sending her back into the arena.  That's juts not going to happen.  Until Halloween, that is.

As for me and my cowl, I'm probably not going to get around to it until after the holidays.  But I do love me some post-apocalypse knit wear.  I think I'll call myself Mom on Fire!

Happy Crocheting, Mommas!

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    do you have a pattern for catching fire jr. I your adult one love it Di


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