January 31, 2014

Baha'i Valentines Count Down Printable

I'm getting this posted right under the wire, but I made it!  Phew!  I made these cute 9 pointed stars with love quotes from the writings as a countdown to Valentines activity while I was sick in bed with the killer stomach bug and almost forgot, in my delirium, that I made them.

You can get your copy here.  The plan is to start each morning by reading the countdown star's quote and discussing it.  When we're all done with it, we'll hang it from our Valentine's bunting.  I kept them short for the sake of being kid friendly, and a few of them are one larger quote chopped into more manageable pieces.  

In addition to the stars, we're going to put a Valentines box in the middle of the dining table and for the next 14 days, we'll write anonymous notes describing things that we love about other members of the family and slip them in the box.  On Valentines Day we'll dump out the box and read all of the notes together.  Hopefully the star quotes and discussion will get them primed to find the good in each other for the note writing activity.  

So grab the printable and do what you will with it.  You could stick a new quote to the kids' bedroom door each morning.  You could make a mobile with them.  The possibilities are endless!  Once we get a little ways into the process, I'll post some pics of our quote display.



  1. Where is the printable? Love this idea!

  2. Anonymous2.2.14

    Thanks so much for sharing your printables! This is just the sort of activity we need to energize our February. Jordan

  3. Carrie, there's is a text link in the word here, where it says "You can get your copy here." Sorry. You have to scroll over it for the link to show up.


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