January 15, 2014

Free Coloring Page Download

We've exhausted the run of the mill coloring sheets for our Baha'i children's classes, and while we've moved on to the new format of drawing assignments rather than coloring sheet for our actual class, my kids still like to color every now and then, so I decided to make a couple of sheets to help them memorize some short passages.  I'll share them here as we use them.  

Today, I've uploaded my "I loved thy creations, hence I created thee" coloring sheet.  It's simple and fun and was a nice platform for discussion about why we're here and how very loved we are even when we're feeling absolutely unlovable.  You can get the download from my Google Drive here.  

We also enjoyed singing along with the song in this video.  Our community doesn't have much music (but we're working on that!) so it's fun to learn songs with the kids so that we can pass them on to our larger Baha'i group during our soup and songs gatherings.  

I hope you enjoy it!  I'll try an add a new sheet each week until I've exhausted my ideas.  I've got about 5 others presently in the works so check back!

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