January 9, 2014

January Creativity Withdraws

During the months of November and December, it looks a little like a Michael's store exploded and the shrapnel all landed in our former school room.  There are so many gift to be made, so many dear friends to think of and create for.  It's a magical time!  I keep the door shut so that Joe can pretend like there's not a shameful mess in there while we leave our unfinished projects strewn all over.  By the end of December, I feel like I'm going to lose my mind if a room in my house looks like that for another second.  December 26th, clean-up begins and everything becomes much more dignified.

But I'm sitting here just 9 days into January and feeling all like if I don't modge podge something in the next 20  minutes, I'm going to explode.  I call it the January creativity withdraws.  It's a painful time of shaky hands just jonesing for some hot glue gun action.  I know I could just skip downstairs and make some sort of something to satisfy my need, but there are no pressing gifts to be made.  What is pressing is that we get back into our history studies and the boys finish their research papers.  But water colors and oil pastels are calling.  

To curb my cravings, I was flipping through pictures of last month's projects and thought I'd share a couple.  The most fun to make were some wacky mixed media journals that I made for two of my favorite gal pals.  

Aren't they cute?  Regular composition pads turned into fun and fancy journals.  Maybe I could justify making a journal for myself.  Except that I hate journaling.  Maybe I could decorate my lesson plan book.  There's an idea!

Last year I made this cute word art for my bedroom wall.  I look at it ever single day, and take a deep breath, and feel happy.  Maybe I need a new happy phrase.  I have a few pinned on pinterest that I could rip off.  That would be totally justifiable art time.  Right?  

Gar...I better just get in there and help the kids with their science.  I can do it.  I can resist painting and markering and modge podging for another day.  The whole responsible adult stuff is really challenging sometimes!

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