January 6, 2014

Kids Cook Monday : Naan!

Last night we had a delightful evening at some friends' home, learning how to make bread.  I am a notorious yeast failure, and Joe was a bit envious of the bread made in his friends' homes, so they offered to have us over for bread making lessons.

One friend brought an easy recipe from this site, which apparently keeps in the fridge for quite some time.  After browsing their site, I decided that we should turn the dough that we brought home from the evening into naan because masala is on the menu for tonight and naan would be the perfect addition.  You can find the naan tips here.  

We got up this morning and Hannah Jane and Hunter prepared the dough for the naan before school.  We fried it up and split one piece as we did our morning verse and life skills study.  It was absolutely delicious!  Can't wait to rub it around in the masala tonight!  Yumalicious!

To see what other families are doing in the kitchen, check out the Kids Cook Monday site for links to other kid friendly kitchens!

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